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In 2019, Eloise started Fertility Help Hub with a small Instagram following and a vision to create a global platform and community to connect people who need fertility support, expertise and resources. Everything she and her husband needed at the time, as they went down the path of donor conception due to her husband’s infertility. Between 2019 and 2023, the community grew beyond our imaginations. Reaching over 1.5 Million people trying to conceive, we shared expert fertility advice and guidance with anyone who needed it. In 2022, it was time to expand.

Our community told us they want to feel supported further into their journey: through pregnancy, parenting and beyond and we understand how important wellbeing is, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

We listened and we expanded. The Ribbon Box is a new, free, supportive and inspirational community, by your side through the highs and lows of preconception, pregnancy and parenting. At The Ribbon Box, we know the struggle to conceive never leaves you and the road to parenthood isn’t always straightforward. We reject the pressure to have the “perfect pregnancy” or be the “perfect parent” – but understand how overwhelming this can feel. Wherever you are in the world, families are formed in all sorts of ways and we have helpful content, no matter your family set-up. Everything we do at The Ribbon Box is rooted in a place of experience: from shared stories, useful giveaways and offers to daily expert advice and events.

Meet Our Team


Eloise Edington


Hanging out with friends and family is everything to me | My creative flair allows me to seek out innovative ways to support our incredible community at The Ribbon Box, especially sharing my fertility story to empower others and reduce stigma.

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Jack Edington


Good wine and family time are my favourite things | Father to five sperm donor-conceived children, I’m keen to share my fertility story to help support others.

Harriet Lovett


I’m into eating not cooking | I love running, spending time with friends and family, and seeking out the best and most relevant partners for our community.


Hollie Ralphson


I’m creative at heart, with a background of spending the day in a sculpture studio. Marketing allows me to design, build and share new ideas with a community | I love turtlenecks, books and greyhounds!


Emma Harpham


Passionate about women’s well-being, menstrual health, and connecting people with content that’ll help them feel good | Lover of tea, learning languages, and countryside walks.


Jessie Day


Passionate about messaging, words and storytelling, I’m a copywriter, fertility warrior and busy working mum | You’ll mostly find me typing, chatting, bossing my family around and spinning plates | Plus training for a diploma in nutrition.

Kristina Lopez


Copywriter, book editor and travel obsessive with a passion for helping people learn more and live better | Always with a new recipe pinned to try and novel to chase through | Grateful to connect and grow with an empowering global community of women.

Elissa Valenzuela


Anything design and fashion related is my favourite | Aside from work, I try to experience new cultures and connect with friends in different cities.


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For Our Community

The Ribbon Box thrives when we’re all talking, that’s what our incredible community is about.

To speak with others who are going through it too, join the conversation over on our Community Chat CTA for support along the way.

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As our community expands and grows, we’re keen to make it the community you want. Share your thoughts and considerations with us and we’ll continue to meet your needs at The Ribbon Box.

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Thanks To Its Loyal Audience, Trb Is A Powerful Online Media, To Direct Consumers To Your Website, Product Or Service. The Ribbon Box Platform Offers You The Chance To Reach And Help Those Navigating The Highs And Lows Of Preconception, Pregnancy And Parenting, Around The World. We Have Multiple Innovative Partnership Opportunities – Email Us For A Proposal.

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