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Eloise Edington  |   9 Dec 2022

What are you looking for, from a fertility support group?

For anyone new to our Fertility Help Hub community, you may not know, but we have a private fertility support group (off social media) – The Fertility Squad. This is a safe space where you can meet, connect and chat with others around the world who are on a unique, but perhaps similar journey to you. It’s a community where you can connect with people who get it, from DPO to PGT-A. 

Words by Katherine Compton

1. Talk and share in a safe, receptive space

You can share any ideas, thoughts or queries by making a quick post in your personal comment box which will be public to all squad members. If you have any questions about the next step you are about to take on your fertility journey, you can ask, and your fellow fertility warriors will answer. If you are looking for a good fertility clinic recommendation, you can let the fertility community know by making a post using your comment box. This fertility support group is also completely private and social media-free.

While you can make your own comments and posts, you will also of course find it cathartic and useful to read about the personal experiences of others along the road. This can complement hearing about clinical procedures from medical professionals and can be more emotionally accessible than analysing statistics. You could also offer your own words of support or advice below posts if you would like.

Well, you know how posts work, so on to the next point !

2. Meet members of the infertility community with the same diagnosis

No matter who you are or what your diagnosis is, there is a place for you in our squad. We have a range of members who have added their diagnosis anonymously to their profile. We aim to include most diagnoses on the app, including male and female infertility factor groups and age factor groups.

To join those groups and learn more about your diagnosis, some symptoms that others will probably share, and maybe strategies for coping from someone who knows exactly how you feel, all you have to do is enter your diagnosis into the app. Anonymity is up to you – you don’t have to offer your medical information if you don’t wish to – this is simply an option available to you to connect with others who understand what it is like to have your condition.

If you have any questions or anxieties about your diagnosis, you can turn to your fertility support group chat for reassurance from those who are further along on their journey and you can also offer support to others, based on your own experience.

(Remember that this is a space where questions are not answered or vetted by medical professionals, but is a sharing of personal experiences.)

3. Access our fertility articles

You will have easy and unlimited access to all of our Fertility Help Hub articles on the Fertility Squad App. Our most current articles will feature on your feed, so that you never miss the latest news. Articles can vary from fertility advice (both holistic and medical) and fertility medical breakthrough updates to personal shared stories – all of which have helped the thousands in our community travel their fertility road.

But don’t worry, we don’t bombard your feed with content. Your feed will primarily be made up of comments and posts by other members that you can interact with, followed by a few sprinklings of our fertility articles and upcoming events here and there.

4. Receive updates to upcoming events

On our app, you are able to see which events are coming up in the future, are imminent, are already past, or are booked (as in you have already signed up to attend). If you are interested, you will be able to see when the event is live so that you can join (and you will be given a Zoom link, if required). Past events that you have missed can give you an idea of what may be a regular event and the date the next one is scheduled, so that you don’t miss it again.

These events are invaluable to those going on an assisted journey to parenthood, as they are an opportunity to speak with fertility specialists to gain a better understanding of fertility treatment options.

Next to the events section is a calendar, so that you can easily schedule these upcoming events into your diary. You will also receive our weekly newsletter straight to your inbox. This means that you will always be in-the-know about everything that is upcoming, including events and discount codes.

5. Join group chats with Mentors for fertility

Group chats are a great way to have a space where you can not only speak your concerns about fertility, but also build invaluable friendships. You can get to know the people in your group on a personal level and make long-term friends.

There is even a ‘near you’ section to choose from, so that you can pick a group of local fertility warriors. This is especially helpful for anyone who is embarking on a new phase of their fertility-improving lifestyle and needs a plus one to feel motivated. This could be anything from sharing recipes with each other that help to promote fertility, finding someone to go to the gym with or getting a helping hand to host a fundraiser for a cause such as PCOS or azoospermia awareness.

The Fertility Squad mentors know full well how trying to conceive (TTC) can be a tumultuous, hectic and at times scary process when you are struggling with infertility. Having someone there for you who has already walked in your shoes can be a great reassurance.

No matter what the reason for joining our app, whether friendship or access to upcoming events, all are welcome and accommodated in the Fertility Squad App. To join, simply click on this link, fill out the brief profile-set-up questionnaire and enjoy!

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