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IVF over 35 – Everything to know about donor egg selection, matching, and prepping for treatment

Over 35 and looking into egg donation IVF? Catch our expert webinar on the ins and outs, in the UK.

From a deep dive into egg donor selection and how the matching process can look, to top tips for prepping for treatment with donor eggs, we get the latest from Caroline Allen, Head of Patient Enquiry Team and trained NHS midwife, and Debs Maguire, Senior Fertility Nurse at Apricity Fertility Clinic.

At Apricity, they’ve got an 88% cumulative clinical pregnancy rate with donor eggs*. 

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We’ll cover:

  • Why choose treatment with donor eggs in the UK, if you’re 35+
  • How donor egg matching works at Apricity
  • 1:1 donation vs. batch buying
  • Criteria and considerations to keep in mind
  • Legal guidelines to know
  • Top tips for prepping for treatment with donor eggs
  • How else Apricity can support you
  • And much more

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*cumulative clinical pregnancy rate defined as up to three recipient embryo transfer events from one cohort of donor eggs.


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