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Optimum nutrition for babies and children, backed by science and loved by parents

Baba West is a trusted name in the world of infant, toddler and children’s nutrition, with a range of premium supplements to support their growth and development. 

Laying down the foundations to help strengthen their body’s natural resilience, Baba West ensures science and nutrition work hand-in-hand to help shape your child’s future health. 

The first 1000 days, from conception to the age of two, are critical for building the foundations of future health in a child. During this period, proper nutrition, care, and nurturing play a crucial role in supporting healthy growth and development, setting the stage for lifelong health and well-being.  Baba West is committed to ensuring that every child has the best start in life by supporting infants during their first 1000 days with our carefully selected and researched supplements.

The range was founded by Leonora Bamford and Zita West, who share a deep-rooted passion for child health and well-being.  

Leonora Bamford, the founder of the parenting website My Baba, is well-known in the world of paediatric wellness. A loving mother of three, Leonora understands the importance of proper nutrition for growing children. 

Zita West is a renowned fertility and pregnancy expert with over 30 years of experience. Her wealth of knowledge in reproductive health and her dedication to helping women conceive and have healthy pregnancies has made her a trusted authority in the field. 

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The Baba West range of supplements is carefully crafted to support the nutritional needs of infants, toddlers, and children at various stages of development. From multivitamins to immune-boosting formulas, each supplement is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to ensure optimal health and well-being for growing children. 

Baba West supplements are recommended by doctors and trusted by mums.  

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"The first 1000 days of your child’s life from conception to two is now well documented in the medical world as a crucial time nutritionally for your child’s growth and development. During this time, all of the body’s systems - the gut, brain, bones, immune and respiratory health are developing rapidly. We have put together our range of Baba West vitamin and multibiotic products to help lay down the foundations for your baby and child’s future health, as supplements are known and respected in supporting child development. Welcome to Baba West!" Zita West and Leo Bamford x

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