California Cryobank

Offers an extensive and diverse catalog of rigorously screened sperm donors and guides you through the process in a professional and caring manner.

California Cryobank® is a full-service sperm bank, specializing in donor sperm, and fertility preservation — including long-term egg, embryo, and semen storage. For 45+ years, California Cryobank has proudly helped tens of thousands of couples, independent parents, and LGBTQ+ clients to create and grow their families. With a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service, California Cryobank is the #1 choice in the U.S.* among physicians and their patients, and ships to more than 40 countries worldwide.   

Not only do they offer one of the largest and most diverse selections of sperm donors available, they also make it easy to find your ideal donor. Advanced search filters lead you to donor profiles that feature more than a dozen donor information items, including genetic test summaries, family medical histories, personal essays, childhood and adult photos (when available), donor conversations, and DNA Ancestry Reports (which highlight a donor’s geographical ancestry obtained through DNA analysis). This in-depth knowledge about each donor is not only helpful in choosing a great donor match, but also provides valuable information for you to share with your child one day, should you choose to do so.  

California Cryobank is giving followers of The Ribbon Box special access to all of these items and more with a free Level 3 Subscription ($250 USD value) with promo code: RIBBON24

As a part of the CooperSurgical family of brands, California Cryobank and sister companies Donor Egg Bank USA™ and Cord Blood Registry® (CBR)® help build and protect families around the world. California Cryobank and The Ribbon Box are looking forward to helping you make your dreams of having a family come true.

* Internal source, data on file.


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For 43 years, California Cryobank has been making dreams come true for families of all shapes and sizes - because family is family, because love is love, because dreams do come true.

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