Cofertility is a human-first fertility ecosystem rewriting the egg freezing and egg donation experience.

Cofertility is a human-first fertility ecosystem rewriting the egg freezing and egg donation experience.

Their Freeze by Co platform lets women freeze their eggs for free when they donate half of the retrieved eggs to a family who can’t otherwise conceive.

Their Family by Co platform serves as a more transparent, ethical egg donor matching platform.

They are obsessed with improving family-building — today or in the future — and are in an endless pursuit to make these experiences more positive.

The Cofertility story

Lauren Makler, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cofertility, embarked on a transformative journey after a rare abdominal disease cast doubt on her ability to have a biological child. Doctors discouraged egg freezing due to the rarity of her condition, prompting her to explore egg donation. This process revealed the outdated and uncomfortable aspects of traditional systems. Though she eventually overcame her illness and conceived her daughter naturally, her experience fueled her determination to revolutionize the reproductive health industry and create a more compassionate and inclusive egg donation experience.

Cofertility aims to address critical issues in fertility care, including the high cost of egg freezing, the transactional nature of compensation in egg donation, and the limited diversity among egg donors that hinders prospective parents from building the families they desire.

Why Family by Co?

At Cofertility, they champion the following;

  • Baby guarantee
  • Donor empowerment
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive
  • Human-centered approach
  • Lifetime support

They work exclusively under the egg-sharing model (which they call Split) because they think it’s better for everyone involved – the intended parents, the egg donor, and ultimately the donor-conceived child.

In practice, this means that your donor gets to freeze her eggs for free, when donating the other half to your family.

Want to get started? Cofertility are ready to make your family-building dreams a reality. Connect with them today to find your donor match.


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