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A top choice for intended parents and physicians alike, Donor Egg Bank USA has 150+ rigorously screened donors and offers two refund plans with a live birth guarantee: bring home a baby or receive a 100% refund.

Since 2012, Donor Egg Bank USA has been a leading pioneer in frozen donor egg. They offer a diverse catalog of more than 150 rigorously screened frozen egg donors. Each donor has undergone extensive genetic, psychological, family history, biological and infectious disease screening. 

Understanding that fertility care can be expensive and sometimes unpredictable, Donor Egg Bank USA offers their Assured Refund Plan® and the Multi Egg Lot Refund plan. These plans offer their Live Birth Guarantee: bring home a baby or receive a 100% refund. There is no obligation for you to complete all cycles, and at any time between cycles, you may choose to end treatment and receive a 50% refund.  

Additionally, each Donor Egg Bank USA plan includes their Blastocyst Guarantee which provides that you will achieve a usable blastocyst for transfer, freezing or biopsy that equal or exceed the number of egg lots you’ve purchased, or they will provide a replacement egg lot at no charge.* 

As a part of the CooperSurgical family of brands, Donor Egg Bank USA and sister companies California Cryobank and Cord Blood Registry® (CBR)® help build and protect families around the world. Donor Egg Bank USA and The Ribbon Box are looking forward to helping you make your dreams of having a family come true. 

Donor Egg Bank USA’s dedicated client services specialists are ready to help guide and support you on your path to parenthood, every step of the way.

 *See Intended Parent Agreement for further details


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