No waiting lists. Pioneers in egg donation. Helping 34,000+ women become mothers, since 1998. Wellbeing first. Meet Eugin.

Pioneering fertility since 1998

Eugin’s first clinic was established in Barcelona in 1998, and is currently one of the biggest fertility clinic in Europe. Fast-forward to today, and their state-of-the-art new facilities have been designed to ensure maximum comfort for patients. Take a virtual tour of their newest Barcelona-based clinic, and discover a space entirely dedicated to patient wellbeing, treatment and care.

Patient ‘nests’, for unrivalled privacy

At Eugin, patients experience a unique concept of service, thanks to nests, the exclusive private waiting areas available throughout the clinic. Patients will be settled into their nest on arrival, providing a private space that becomes the centrepiece of their time with Eugin.

This space is yours for the duration of your stay – the professionals come to you, in the comfort of your nest – and is connected to your examination room. It’s care and privacy, on a whole new level.

Leaders in egg donation

Eugin have pioneered this area of treatment, helping over 34,000 women become mothers through egg donation since 1998. With competitive pricing across their in-house egg donation programme, 1 in 10 egg donor treatments in Europe are performed at a Eugin clinic. Eugin take personal care of 15,000+ donors, from more than 70 countries.

No waiting lists

Patients can start treatment as soon as they’re ready, thanks to Eugin’s no waiting list approach. The team can carry out all necessary medical tests during your first visit, on the same day, and at a much more convenient cost. Patients simply need to block out two one-day visits to their Barcelona or Madrid clinics.

A few final details, before you book with Eugin:

  • The Eugin team have many years of experience with international patients – the entire team speaks fluent English ,and patients can also be attended in their native languages
  • Psychological support is taken seriously, and available on request
  • The clinic accepts female patients up to age 50, single women, heterosexual couples and female same-sex couples


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Opening Times

Eugin Barcelona Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm (CET) Saturdays and public holidays 8am – 3pm (CET) Eugin Madrid Monday to Friday 8am – 9pm (CET) Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays By appointment only


C. de Balmes, 236, 08006 Barcelona, Spain | C/ Alfonso XII 62, Pl. Baja A 28014 Madrid

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Eugin is part of a leading group of assisted reproduction and fertility clinics with over 25 years' experience, operating in 15 countries, with a total of 75 clinics, 1,500 specialists and over 150,000 baby births.

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