Located in Alicante, Madrid and San Sebastián, IVF-Life fertility clinics specialise in complex cases.

The one-stop shop for a supreme fertility journey

IVF-Life is an international leading group of clinics specialized in assisted reproduction, with its own IVF and genetic laboratories, offering a one-stop shop fertility journey to couples and “mothers-to-be”. The group’s clinics in Spain, Germany and the UK, all equipped with the latest technology in reproductive medicine and counting with best-in-class medical teams and top-tier scientific staff, stand out as the reference group for their expertise in complex cases, with some of the best pregnancy rates in Europe.

IVF-Life is, however, more than just numbers and ratios. The company firmly bets on human values, both internally -the staff is their most valuable asset- and externally -the patient being the centre of IVF Life’s philosophy-.

The patient journey at IVF Life starts with a welcoming atmosphere that makes patients “feel at home”, in a comfortable and relaxing environment, inspiring peace and calm, where attention is paid to every detail, all the way through expert medical consultations, tailored genetic and immunology testing, precise diagnostics and customized fertility and/or IVF treatments and down to the magic moment when the mother listens for the first time to the embryo’s heartbeat during the ultrasound scan. A journey full emotions, scientific and medical expertise and human passion, during which all the staff at IVF-Life works devotedly to help parents-to-be make their dream, of building a family, come true.

Year after year the IVF-Life expert teams stand abreast of the latest technological and scientific advances in the fields of fertility, assisted reproduction, genetics, immunology and regenerative medicine while bringing continuous improvements in processes, protocols and five-star patient care, aiming to reach the highest industry standards, thereby providing our patients with a unique experience, covering all their needs within the same organization.

IVF-Life – We Know How

With up to 91% pregnancy rates, certified by Applus and SGS, and patients achieving success after an average of 4.5 failed cycles at other fertility centres, IVF-Life is one of the international market leaders in Reproductive Medicine.

Accredited for ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 179007:2013 (for Assisted Reproduction Technology labs) and benefitting from multiple awards such as Innovative SME, IVF Clinic Awards (for best Egg Donation Program, IVF with Preimplantation Genetic Screening program, Innovation, etc.), IVF Clinic Award 2019 (for best Customer Service & Communications, and for Intimacy & Care).

IVF-Life certainly honours its motto: We know how.


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IVF-Life, Fertility clinic in Alicante, is an assisted reproduction clinic in a unique location: San Juan beach. The clinic is in an elegant, modern building staffed by a medical team that looks after and advises families who all want the same thing: to conceive a healthy baby. The constant innovation and a firm commitment to technology keeps us at the forefront in the assisted reproduction field treating patients from all over the world with a high degree of success, patients who come to our clinic with an average of 4.5 failed cycles performed at other centres.

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