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The Mindful Birth Group® prepares you for birth, postnatal recovery and caring for your baby with their award-winning courses.

The Mindful Birth Group® prepares you for birth, postnatal recovery and caring for your baby with their award-winning courses. Taught across the UK in 25+ locations or virtually on Zoom, the classes are taught by a team of caring professionals.

When you book a course, you also get instant access to the Parent Hub which hosts weekly live pregnancy yoga sessions, monthly relaxation sessions, an ‘Ask the midwife’ chat and a whole host of educational resources to support you on your unique pregnancy journey.

Once your baby has been born, you’ll be able to book a one hour postnatal doula session, live and 1:1 on Zoom to go through any recovery or baby care related questions you have or to simply talk about the birth and how you are feeling. Parent Hub access closes one year post-birth, as you can also benefit from parent and baby yoga and the later-months learning zone which covers weaning and choosing childcare too.

They team really are here for you every step of the way.

Founder Emiliana experienced outdated courses and a lack of support herself, and wanted to create ways that better support and empower parents-to-be at what can be a very overwhelming time.

Emiliana is also a birth and postnatal doula and has been surrogate too, so she understands both sides of the story and that different paths-to-parenthood require tailored support.

Book a Mindful Birth Group® course to suit your needs: Private or group, local in-person or on Zoom.


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