The first AI-driven egg donor bank in the world.

Ovogene is the first AI-driven egg donor bank in the world. They work to provide the highest quality eggs, sperm and embryos using advanced technology and artificial intelligence, helping people all over the world to achieve their dreams of starting a family.

Thanks to the support from a fully automated process, their expert embryologists can help you make an informed decision as you begin your journey to parenthood.

Ovogene have premises in Europe, the USA and Israel, so intended parents have access to ethnically diverse egg banks, and anonymous or open ID egg donors, all of whom are carefully screened by the lab, as well as diagnostic and genetic tests.

As well as breakthrough technology, Ovogene are known for their great customer service. Their professional team speak eight languages and are fully up to date with the latest legal stuff, so you’ll be supported at every stage of your fertility journey.

Ovogene is an industry leader and provides you with the best egg donor solutions for your individual situation – they really are the future of egg banks.


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Let me introduce Ovogene to you! Here are a few facts you have to know about us: Ovogene is the first AI-driven donor bank in the world. We are an international bank of biomaterials: eggs, sperm, and embryos with a fast-growing number of global storage locations. We are represented in the following countries: Slovakia, Georgia, Ukraine, Portugal, USA, Israel, Albania and Cyprus. Partner clinics, storages, and our professional staff are always ready to provide a range of services individually and of the highest quality. Patients are always grateful for the individual selection of a donor with artificial intelligence matching and an incredibly high-quality wide selection of instantly available material. Ovogene the future of egg banking

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