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Pinnacle Surrogacy (formerly Premium Surrogacy) is a distinguished program offering expedited surrogate matching to Pinnacle network patients. We pride ourselves on working with high quality surrogates and providing exceptional client services.

All our surrogacy coordinators are previous surrogates, offering an unparalleled level of knowledge, expertise and support to both our surrogates and intended parents, throughout their entire journeys.

For many, navigating a fertility journey can be complex and overwhelming. Most intended parents are asked to independently find a surrogate through one of the many surrogate agencies. This process involves managing relationships with managers, attorneys, their fertility clinic, surrogacy agency, and often times a donor egg agency.


At the end of this daunting process, the surrogate chosen by the intended parents still needs to pass medical and psychological screening in order to proceed. Unfortunately, a good percentage of surrogates fail to meet medical criteria and are disqualified at this point – requiring the intended parents to start all over again and bear additional costs.

In contrast, Pinnacle Surrogacy provides an integrative approach working solely with patients of Pinnacle Fertility network clinics. Pinnacle Surrogates are all pre-screened and qualified for surrogacy, so that you can be matched without delay. All surrogates undergo background checks, home study visits, and medical clearance.

This unified approach continues even after fertility treatment and into pregnancy and delivery. The same team monitors the surrogate and interfaces with you and the obstetrician to provide a seamless and enjoyable pregnancy and birth experience. Throughout the process, you can count on our staff to provide professional support and help you navigate any difficulties.


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