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Our readers often turn to Spain for fertility treatment. They are pioneers in the field, have excellent IVF success rates and our readers we have sent their way have been delighted

Tambre is a Spanish assisted fertility clinic located in the heart of Madrid. At its founding in 1978, its philosophy was established: ‘the patient is the priority’, and to this day this motto remains its flagship.

The use of cutting-edge technology and most effective techniques, personalised fertility treatments and high IVF success rates attract patients from all over the world to come to Tambre for assistance in creating their family. Being pioneers in the field has allowed the centre to specialise in complex cases, as well as contributing to scientific and social development.

One of Tambre’s drivers is its multidisciplinary team. Fertility specialists and gynaecologists will personalise each treatment and the Patient Care Team will be there as key support. Their communication with embryologists, nurses, immunologists, anaesthesiologists, urologists and psychologists is constant. Furthermore, Clínica Tambre supports complementary therapies and everything that may ease the fertility journey of all those who trust them.

With its main centre in Madrid and two consulting locations in the UK and France, the fertility clinic is turning into a point of reference both in Spain and internationally.

Your dream is to have a baby, and Tambre’s dream is to help you achieve this.

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Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm (CET) Friday 8am - 6pm (CET) Saturday 9am - 2pm (CET)


C. del Tambre, 8, 28002 Madrid, Spain

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