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For over a decade, reproductive health experts from Vida Fertility have been bringing patients the best science-backed fertility treatments in the world.

With more than a decade of experience in Reproductive Medicine and international clinics, Vida Fertility’s team is made up of the best professionals in offering effective solutions to any fertility issue. They rely on the latest techniques, the most advanced technology in ART (assisted reproductive technology) and their collective years of expertise to deliver fertility services you can trust.

Vida Fertiliy deliver on the science and the compassion you need when it comes to fertility.

Their mission is to debunk myths and smash taboos about reproductive health, making science-backed information accessible to patients, wherever they are in their fertility journey.

Vida Fertility Clinic Entrance

At Vida, nothing is standard

Vida Fertility’s team is made up of professionals from all areas of the fertility sphere.

Gynecologists specialised in fertility and reproductive medicine, embryologists experts in embryo development, nurses and patient care coordinators with extensive experience in international treatments follow-up… they all play a crucial role in the patient journey, both on a medical and emotional level.

Both compassion and state-of-the-art technology are held in high regard at Vida Fertility Institute, as both are considered essential for achieving your fertility goals, whatever they may be. This combination of personalised scientific approach and human strong connection is what makes patients choose Vida Fertility and help them on the way to having a healthy baby in arms.

Vida Fertility Clinics Lab

Treatments and Technologies

  • Regenerative medicine.
  • IVF – transfer of blsatocysts.
  • Egg donation – with blastocysts and euploid embryos guarantees.
  • Double donation.
  • Embryo banking (several IVF cycles) with PGT-A included.
  • Fertility preservation.
  • Endometrial receptivity.
  • Reproductive immunology.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A).
  • Sperm selection.
  • Time-Lapse.

The bottom line – why choose Vida Fertility?

Calmness and kindness are highly valued by this Spain-based clinic, so hundreds of patients can access stress-free, tailored support from people who really care about their wellbeing.

Fertility is a complex and, at times, challenging subject, so ensuring patients are cared for both mentally and physically at every stage is at the core of the Vida Fertility mission.

Get in touch with Vida Fertility for a tailored consultation, or simply to have a chat with one of the friendly team today.


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Opening Times

Monday - Thursday: 8am to 8pm Friday: 8am to 3pm Saturday - Sunday: Closed


Vida Fertility Madrid Calle Palermo 15 28043 Madrid | Vida Fertility Alicante (opening soon) Avenida Óscar Esplá 11 03007 Alicante

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The road to becoming a mother is not easy: ultrasounds, needles, hormones, consultations with different specialists, tests and more tests. Then again, it isn't easy either. But it is worth it.

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