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Ethical brand Viridian believe nutrition has a big impact on your health, when trying to conceive and during pregnancy.

Eating a balanced diet is a strong foundation during this important life stage, but there are times where you can benefit from additional key nutrients to support overall your wellbeing through supplementation.

Since 1999, Viridian has been creating the purest, kindest health supplements, always with a healthy attitude. Their ethical formulas are crafted by expert nutritionists using clinically evidenced research.

Every capsule, liquid and powder is Effective, Ethical, and Pure.

  • Effective: Health supplements need to work. Their nutritionists’ study peer-reviewed human research to create optimal formulations.
  • Ethical: Heartfelt care for the planet, people and products sits at the core of everything Viridian does. They don’t make commercial compromises; certainly, none when it comes to animal testing, growing conditions, packaging and the impact on communities.
  • Pure: If an ingredient is there, it’s there for a reason. Their supplements contain 100% active ingredients in the highest natural potency with no fillers, binders, glues, irradiation or lubricants from mass production – nothing!

At Viridian, they #digdeeper to ensure every ingredient is sourced with 100% care so it can make a lasting difference for you, for charities and for the planet.


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