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Egg freezing in Spain – is it more affordable? A fertility doctor answers your questions

Emma Harpham and Dr. Elena Santiago, specialist in gynaecology at Vida Fertility  |   24 Oct 2023

Whether you’re currently starting fertility treatment, or looking to plan your first steps for the coming year, egg freezing may well end up being a part of your journey. 

And if you’re looking for affordable egg freezing in Europe (we’re guessing that’s why you’re here) we’ve heard that Spain is at the front of the pack heading into 2024.

We’ve teamed up with the incredible Dr. Elena Santiago, renowned specialist in gynaecology from Vida Fertility, to find out why, and get your questions answered.

Read on as she covers all things egg freezing in Spain, including;

  • Why more women are going abroad to freeze their eggs
  • Why they’re choosing Spain in particular
  • Which affordable egg freezing options are available
  • What you should look for in a clinic

With clinics in the heart of Madrid and Alicante, Vida Fertility warmly welcomes international patients seeking top-notch, affordable care for their fertility needs. Book a consult if you’re feeling ready to chat through your options.

Over to Dr. Santiago.

Why are more women going abroad to freeze their eggs? 

More women are choosing to do egg freezing abroad due to a combination of factors. 

The main reason is the cost-effectiveness of the procedure in some countries, compared to their own country. Additionally, some women prefer to have the treatment in a more private and discreet setting, away from their usual surroundings. 

Plus, in Spain, we also offer advanced technology and high-quality care, making it an attractive destination for international patients.

So why egg freezing in Spain, in particular? 

Egg freezing in Spain has become popular due to its well-established reputation for high-quality fertility clinics and medical professionals. 

Not only does Spain offer top-notch egg freezing services, but we also provide a stress-free pathway for women to pursue IVF with their frozen eggs if needed – which is really reassuring for patients.

In general, Spain is also a wonderful country to take a break from your daily routine while undergoing egg freezing treatment. Our Vida Fertility clinics are located in Madrid and Alicante, and both cities are easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Madrid offers a wide range of places to stay, as well as cultural events and landmarks to explore, while in Alicante, you can count on sunshine, beaches, and paella as part of your itinerary for sure!

Affordable egg freezing travel options

How do back-to-back cycles work, if I’m going abroad? Can I do two in a row?

Back-to-back cycles involve undergoing multiple rounds of egg retrieval without a break in between. This is also sometimes called “Dual Stim”. 

You can definitely do two cycles in a row in Spain, allowing you to maximize your egg freezing results during a single visit. 

Studies also show that the second cycle is often even more successful than the first one. So when I feel a patient needs two cycles  – and she can manage to stay in Spain a bit longer – this is usually what’ll happen at Vida Fertility.

And what about waiting lists – are these shorter in Spain?

There are pretty much no waiting lists for egg freezing and IVF treatment in Spain. 

This is due to the wide availability of well-equipped fertility clinics and experienced professionals who can accommodate international patients. At Vida Fertility, we go one step further in that we adapt to your personal schedule and agenda, too.

What should I look for in a clinic?

When choosing a clinic for egg freezing in Spain, you should consider the clinic’s reputation, the qualifications of the medical team, as well as their success rates, technology and facilities available.

It’s crucial to ensure the clinic aligns with your specific needs and expectations. For instance, patients coming from abroad usually do their first medical consultation online, before coming to Spain for their preliminary checks at the clinic. 

Ask your clinic whether they’re using the latest tech for oocyte assessment. At Vida Fertility, we use Future Fertility’s VIOLET™ AI tech, which gives you a plain-English report with each egg’s probability of becoming a blastocyst (a day 5 or 6 embryo) out of the eggs that have been retrieved. 

Egg freezing in spain consultation

How does financing work, if I’m freezing my eggs in Spain?

Affordable egg freezing in Spain is fairly simple in terms of the process of financing, but the specifics can depend on your clinic, of course. 

Typically, if you’re a first-time patient, you’ll have your first consultation online, and send a deposit to confirm your treatment.

To give you an idea, one cycle at Vida Fertility costs €2,600 at the time of writing, and also includes 5 years of cryostorage.

Are there different age limits in Spain?

For any fertility treatment, including egg donation where women can be older, most Spanish clinics will follow the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) recommendation and won’t accept women over 50. 

With egg freezing, most clinics adapt this limit to your specific circumstances. Everyone is unique, but we’d recommend freezing your eggs before the age of 35. 

If you’re older than 35, you can do it if your ovarian reserve allows it, but it’s likely that you’ll need more than one freezing cycle to ensure a good probability of viable embryos later.

Can my frozen eggs be easily transferred back home, or to another location?

Yes, it’s usually possible to transfer your frozen eggs to another location, including your home country. 

This process involves coordination between the clinic in Spain and the clinic where you plan to use your frozen eggs. It’s important to check the regulations and requirements in both countries to ensure a smooth transfer.

Vida Fertility understands that every patient has different goals and worries when it comes to egg freezing. 

Book a consult with them today for clarity on your egg freezing and IVF options, and to learn about their stress-free, tailored treatments that place your wellbeing at the heart.

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