“I was Chasing an Orgasm to Get Pregnant” – and Other Efforts TTC

Eloise Edington  |   10 Mar 2022

We all know that trying to get pregnant can be a stressful and upsetting time.  Negative pregnancy tests, the arrival of periods, well-meaning but irritating friends and family asking: “Are you pregnant yet?”

When sex isn’t making a baby and the financial and emotional commitment of fertility treatment isn’t an option (or perhaps not yet), it’s understandable to try weird and wonderful things to try and get pregnant.

At Fertility Help Hub, we always say that no question is a silly question and the same holds true for trying to conceive.  So many women have tried amusing things to get pregnant and there’s no judgement and there should be no embarrassment.

These are trying – and sometimes desperate – times.

Read on to discover some of the things women in our fertility community tried in the hopes they’d get pregnant.

Written by Holly Pigache

It’s common for couples trying to conceive (TTC) to track body temperature and ovulation, and this can lead to having sex at any time of the day or night.

  • Millie tells me that when she and her husband were TTC, they were out at the cinema with friends and popped to the loo mid-film for a quickie.
  • Ellen shares that she and her partner excused themselves from Christmas lunch, only for a nephew to hammer on the door, complaining of needing a poo.  “The moment was gone!”

Optimising your diet for fertility is important and making sure you have the right nutrients is essential when TTC.  Even if your diet doesn’t lack key nutrients, taking a good-quality prenatal supplement will help prepare your body for conception.  Beyond this, there are many fertility myths about what to eat to boost fertility, like these people in our fertility community told me:

  • Richard* says his partner read somewhere that eating a pineapple core a few days before ovulation and also on the day she was ovulating would improve her fertility.  Richard isn’t sure if it did but he said his partner enjoyed it.
  • Leah drank pomegranate juice when she was TTC; “I drank so much of it, I can’t have it too often nowadays!”
  • Sami tells me: “I took some creepy homemade pills, soaked in rice water, on the first 3 days of my period for 3 months…”
  • Amanda said she and her partner had sex standing upside down “while trying to eat a watermelon”.

Beli fertility supplements for women do boost the chances of conception, as well as improving egg quality, triggering ovulation and decreasing the chances of miscarriage.  If you live in the US, grab 15% off Beli prenatal supplements with code FHH15 – click here to redeem.

Many holistic fertility treatments have been shown to effectively boost IVF success – like fertility acupuncture and fertility massage.  Other holistic methods for fertility have less scientific evidence of their success in improving fertility treatment outcomes.  However, some women reasoned that as these holistic approaches wouldn’t harm their chances of getting pregnant, they gave them a go anyway.

  • Olive wore a fertility crystal bracelet
  • Fran tried vagina steaming.  “It didn’t get me pregnant but it did give me stronger thighs!”
  • “I carried a small rose quartz crystal around with me when I was TTC,” says Melissa.

There’s no scientific evidence to show crystals boost fertility but in case you’re curious, you can find out more about fertility crystals here.

Keeping sex fun when trying to conceive can be difficult (these tips from a somatic sex coach will help).  If you’ve also heard that different sex positions help you conceive a girl or a boy or that having an orgasm as a woman increases your chances of getting pregnant, ensuring you stick to one position might make sex might become even less enjoyable.

  • Rhianna says sex was “mentally exhausting” because she was so focused on reaching an orgasm each time.
  • Louise said she didn’t pee for hours after sex; “I kept getting UTIs…”

There really is no shame in trying different things to get pregnant but it’s worth doing some research first.  At FHH, we have a range of discounts and offers for tried-and-tested conception aids (here), ovulation and home-testing kits (here) and many trusted fertility specialist partners you can speak with about your fertility and TTC.

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* Names have been changed.

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