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How to Choose an Egg Donor

Eloise Edington  |   24 Sep 2021

Have you ever wondered how to choose your egg donor? Who are these people and why do they donate?

Fertility Help Hub speaks to the fertility specialists and healthcare professionals at Cryos about the origins of their donated eggs and to explain the meticulous process they use to select egg donors.

Why do people donate their eggs?

Our egg donors may wish to donate for several reasons. Perhaps they have themselves experienced the struggle of conceiving, or they have witnessed their friends or family struggle and wish to help. Some of the egg donors are mothers themselves and therefore wish to give others the opportunity to feel the joy of motherhood.

With all their differences in experience, we find that our donors are altruistic people with a big sense of solidarity and a wish to help other families fulfil their dream of a child.

Who are the egg donors at Cryos?

There is a great variety among the donors at Cryos. Some are forging a career, some are university students with big dreams for the future and others are deciding their next move on one of life’s many crossroads. Among the donors there are many different interests and skills. Some are good with music and can play one or more instruments, some enjoy word puzzles while others like to swim or do other kinds of sports.

How do Cryos select and screen their donors?

Not all people can become egg donors. In fact, only approximately 4% of the applicants at Cryos are accepted as donors. Below we have a simplified version of our application and screening process for egg donor candidates at Cryos:

  1. The donor candidate makes an online application.
  2. If accepted, the candidate proceeds to a detailed questionnaire on medical and family history.
  3. Cryos healthcare professionals and fertility specialists review this questionnaire and decide if the candidate is qualified. Then they are invited to a meeting  to obtain thorough information on the process of egg donation, including blood and urine tests to check for infectious and inherited diseases.
  4. A psychological assessment of the candidate is made by a mental health professional.
  5. Our physician will then do an examination including a physical exam.

What to consider when choosing an egg donor?

If you find yourself in the need of an egg donor, there are many things to consider. At Cryos, we are fully aware that the search for a donor is not an easy task and that it might be both exciting and emotional, and needing great consideration.

To support you in the best way possible, here are a few questions that you can ask yourself. These questions are meant to guide you to choose the egg donor that is right for you and your family.

First, do you want to be able to make contact?

If you choose a Non-ID Release Egg Donor, it will never be possible for you and your child to receive any more information about the donor than what is already visible on the donor’s profile. Cryos will not at any point reveal the identity of the donor.

If you decide to choose an ID Release Egg Donor, your child will have the opportunity to contact Cryos at the age of 18 to get identifying information about the donor. Your child can then decide what they want to do with this information and if they want to pursue contact with the donor or others with the same donor.

Second, how much do you want to know about the donor?

Basic Profiles provide fundamental information such as ethnicity, a few physical characteristics, medical information and some details of education and job.

Extended Profiles contain the same information as the Basic Profiles, however they also contain more personal information. The purpose of this information is to give you a better idea of the donor’s preferences, experiences and physical characteristics. The Extended Profiles also have a section with the donor’s answers to various questions, a handwritten message, a vocal recording, baby photos and in some cases adult photos.

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What can be done to make the decision easier?

Since some countries only permit treatment with certain types of donor, we recommend that you check the legislation in your treatment country before you start your donor search. Your clinic or fertility specialist will most likely be able to guide you on this. You can always contact Cryos Customer Care service if you are in any kind of doubt.

Narrow down your search to a couple of egg donors you like and mark them as your ‘Favorites’ in the Donor Search. You only need one donor, but if your favorite donor is for some reason not available; maybe sold out or has reached the Pregnancy Quota in your country of residence, it can be good to have a couple of donors you like on your favorites-list.

Whenever you are ready to place your order, Cryos recommends that you consider making a reservation for more than one egg, to ensure that you have enough donor eggs. You may need more than one egg to cover your entire fertility treatment and for possible future siblings. Reservations are held at Cryos and can always be sold back.

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If you have further questions regarding Cryos’ egg donors – or anything else – you are welcome to contact Cryos competent Customer Cervice, who are ready to help you when making your big decision.

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