Couple goals – need a fertility supplement for you and for him? These are the packs to know, plus boosters for same-sex partners

Jessie Day, in partnership with Zita West Products  |   16 Feb 2024

We know, we know. It takes two to make a baby. Truisms can get stale, fast, when you’re trying to conceive. You don’t need a biology refresher – you need a game plan. And, if you’re like us, a list of easy things to tick off, for you, him, her and or them, preferably all in the same online order. 

For couples’ fertility, it’s Zita West (every time)

Couples’ fertility has been a defining factor of Zita West’s pioneering approach to integrative fertility practice, for over 20 years. 

This goes far beyond just looking at egg and sperm count and a generic multivitamin. We’re talking a dual approach, always – and the cutting-edge of women’s and mens’ fertility nutrition, from superstar micronutrients like CoQ10 in its most researched form, to advocating the importance of vitamin D. 

And for Zita West and team, we’re talking all couples. It’s pretty simple to find a couples’ fertility pack, but if you’re in a same-sex couple, what should you look for? 

If you’re going for donated eggs or sperm you can discount that aspect – but maybe you’re looking to boost your health as a couple, ready for the road ahead? It takes tip-top energy and physical resilience, after all, to support your partner and start parenthood strong. There may even be an aspect of health – such as PCOS or immune health – you’re looking to tackle alongside your partner’s pregnancy, or are you looking to co-breast or chest feed, as the non-gestational parent? 

We’ll deep-dive – but before we do, TRB readers get 10% off the entire Zita West supplement range (US and UK), with code TRB10* at checkout. So head there if you’re looking for something specific, including the bestselling Couples Foundation Fertility Support Pack, male and female foundation packs, Inositol and Folate for PCOS support, wherever you’re at. 

Whatever your situation, and however you identify as a couple, sorting your couples’ fertility supplements from a one-stop shop is ideal. Here’s how we go about it.

Baseline fertility

At Zita West, a good couples’ fertility baseline means a few things. There’s the Couples Foundation Fertility Support Pack – which keeps your couple fertility goals and bases covered, when you’ve just started trying. 

The pack delivers five high-quality supplements for both partners – Vitafem and Femceive for her, Vitamen and Menceive for him – and two packs of Vital DHA, a jar of Psyllium Husk and that often-crucial Vitamin D spray for both to take each month. Keep reading for the micronutrients delivered across these, and why they matter. 

couples fertility supplements

Don’t need the full couples’ pack? There are also two specifically-designed male and female foundation packs, which might work better if your guy or girl is already covered for supplements, or if you’re in a same-sex couple and have a single focus. 

Superstar formulas from the individual foundation packs include: 

  • Vitafem – a targeted female fertility supplement, packed with micronutrients proven to support egg quality and hormonal balance, plus the recommended 400µg of folic acid in its active form of folate
  • Vitamen – the best selling male fertility supplement, delivering a range of crucial micronutrients including selenium and zinc for a sperm health boost 
  • Vital DHA – included in both the male and female packs – and the couples pack – Vital DHA gives everyone a shot of omega 3 – with a little zinc – for DNA support, sperm production and tip-top prep for early pregnancy 
  • Vitamin D – in a handy spray, this is one to keep on the counter or in your bag. Vitamin D contributes to normal cell division in both male and female fertility, immune function, and inflammatory response (important for men and women, and particularly for successful implantation) 

Diet focus

Supplements can be a turn-key, but a good diet foundation is critical for both men and women when trying to conceive. Here are a few top tips to factor in to your everyday: 

  • leafy greens and green vegetables, for a folate boost (men and women both need folate for optimal conception health, so pack out your smoothies!) 
  • go for Brazil nuts, for a super-effective selenium-boosting snack option (I love to add these to smoothies too, for added creaminess)
  • beef, lamb and nuts and seeds deliver a good intake of zinc, so up those stews and sprinkle a few extra pumpkin seeds onto salads, or they’re delicious toasted, with eggs 
  • aim for an oily fish twice a week, like mackerel and salmon, for an omega-3 boost alongside your Vital DHA supplement – a handful of walnuts or a tablespoon of chia seeds (again, add them to a smoothie) also pack a fantastic plant-based punch 
fertility supplements for couples

Preparing for IVF

With IVF in your game-plan, your body will have specific requirements alongside the baseline we’ve already covered. And, so will your partner’s, if they’re playing a biological role in the IVF process. 

Zita West’s Ultimate IVF Support Packs – one each for men and women – tick everything off in one convenient bundle. Sperm and egg health – and implantation – is often a double-down concern for men and women approaching IVF, so you’ll see CoQ10 and added antioxidants included here. 

Formula highlights from the individual IVF packs include:

  • Femceive – a fertility-friendly bacteria supplement, specifically formulated to help balance endometrial-vaginal microbiota and nourish an optimal environment for preconception and implantation
  • Menceive – the same principle, but for men. This 21-day course bacteria supplement targets sperm motility support, inflammation, impaired testicular function and testosterone levels
  • Kaneka CoQ10 – included in both packs for men and for women prepping for IVF, CoQ10 plays a critical role in optimal egg and sperm development

Diet focus

If you’re prepping for IVF, make our IVF superfoods for women your next read, plus our sperm overhaul run-through. From royal jelly and berries to walnuts and vitamin C boosters, there’s a to-do list for everyone. 

Age 35+

Asking team Zita West for their go-tos for conceiving after age 35 – and into your early 40s – the recommendation is clear. It’s all about the antioxidants. 

Key for egg and sperm health, DNA support and reducing the impact of environmental factors and oxidative damage as we age, antioxidants are a crucial part of the fertility picture, if (like me), you tick that over age 35 box. 

Supplementing can give your antioxidant status a real boost – we love these formulas in particular for targeted support: 

  • Vitafem Boost 1 – for antioxidants for female fertility, this is the star of the show. This booster contains a wide range of extra antioxidants which neutralise damaging free radicals
  • Vitamen Boost 1 designed to support male fertility, this is an antioxidant formulation packing in B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese and other compounds. It’s specifically formulated as a booster, to be taken alongside Vitamen for added antioxidant support, where needed
  • Vitamen Boost 2 – a max support formulation, combining essential nutrients like zinc, selenium, carnitine, arginine, and lycopene to help enhance sperm count, motility, and morphology
  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) – a powerful antioxidant and proven as effective for male and female fertility support, particularly where PCOS, sperm health, recurrent miscarriage, IVF prep and/or high risk pregnancy are a concern

Diet focus

For antioxidants, there’s no shortage of yummy options in pretty much any fresh produce aisle or your good old fruit and veg shop. Our favourites for packing into smoothies, porridge toppings and snacks include: 

  • goji berries (great steeped in hot water as a light tea alternative – and then eaten when they’re all soft!)
  • blueberries, pomegranates and strawberries 
  • dark chocolate
  • tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes
  • cloves, cinnamon and turmeric
  • green tea
fertility boosting supplements

Same-sex couples

A nutrition game-plan here will depend on your unique situation. 

Once you’ve worked out a course of action – from whose eggs and sperm will be used to the role of gestational carrier and whether you might go for co-breast or chest feeding, for example – you can build a plan based on specific nutritional requirements. 

Areas of focus might include: 

  • optimised egg and sperm health, depending on your situation
  • IVF preparation
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) support 
  • early pregnancy health

Use the guide we’ve already set out in this feature to pick and choose the supplements you may need – along with all those tips for diet and meal-planning – and tick off any key concerns too from the list below. 

Key concerns

Again, depending on your own unique whole-body health, fertility history and situation, you may be navigating a specific concern. Here are a few of the most common, along with our go-to supplements from the Zita West range, for support. 

Pick and choose what you need, and add alongside your foundation pack from the list above. 

  • PCOS Inositol and folate for cycle and egg health support 
  • endometriosis NAC for endometrium health 
  • female microbiome and vaginal health Femceive for a targeted bacteria boost  
  • low AMH concerns Kaneka Ubiquinol™, CoQ10 for egg health support
  • male DNA fragmentation Menceive for sperm membrane support
  • sperm quality Vitamen Boost 2 for a targeted key nutrient boost  
  • recurrent miscarriage/pregnancy loss NAC for chronic inflammation and oxidative stress support 

That’s it! Or maybe it isn’t – if there’s anything else you’d like us to cover on couples’ nutrition and fertility support, send us a DM over on Insta

Looking for the Zita West discount code? Snap 10% off the entire Zita West fertility supplement range (US and UK), with code TRB10* at checkout. 

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