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Does adenomyosis affect fertility? A doctor answers

Emma Harpham, Editor  |   30 Jan 2024

Adenomyosis and fertility – what should we know?

Does adenomyosis affect fertility? We’ve got your back.

Watch and discover the connection between adenomyosis and fertility, learn to recognize signs that might be affecting you, and explore strategies for conceiving with this condition.

Dr Smikle, Medical Director at Laurel Fertility Care in California, sheds light on adenomyosis, how to spot the signs and diagnose its severity. Plus, we’ll dive into how the team at Laurel Fertility Care provides crucial fertility support for those navigating the challenges of adenomyosis.

Your adenomyosis and fertility questions are about to meet expert answers – let’s get started.

Getting pregnant with adenomyosis (or PCOS, or endometriosis) – do I need to worry?

Worried you’ll struggle to get pregnant if you have PCOS, Endo or Adenomyosis?

Dr Smikle shares that condition can present their own challenges in terms of getting pregnant, especially if endometriosis or adenomyosis are your issue.

That said, for both of these conditions, treatment is successful with more than 60% of patients getting pregnant.

Are there signs I might have adenomyosis?

Some signs and symptoms of adenomyosis are reported, but some people with adenomyosis have no symptoms at all.

General, period-related symptoms can include:

  • painful periods
  • heavy bleeds

Other symptoms can happen any time in your menstrual cycle, and can include:

  • pelvic pain
  • bloating, heaviness or fullness in your abdomen
  • pain during sex

Why can’t my doctor tell me how severe my adenomyosis is?

Diagnosing adenomyosis involves a combination of medical history review, pelvic exams, and imaging studies like ultrasound or MRI.

Symptoms are considered, and imaging helps visualize the uterus. A definitive diagnosis often requires a skilled medical professional to interpret the clinical picture and test results accurately.

Watch as Dr Smikle explains what your healthcare provider should be looking for.

Does andenomyosis affect fertility?

Adenomyosis affects fertility in several ways – the biggest and most important one being it’s affect on implantation.

Adenomyosis may;

  1. Block successful implantation due to growths in the uterine wall muscle
  2. Reduce the blood supply to the uterus, which can impact the developing foetus.

Watch as Dr Smike gets into the details.

Is adenomyosis more common after having had a child?

Adenomyosis is commonly diagnosed after childbirth, particularly in women over 30.

However, there isn’t really an established link between adenomyosis, pregnancy and childbirth – it can develop at any age, and with or without endometriosis as well.

Support and treatment at Laurel Fertility Care

Want to know what to do, if you suspect you have adenomyosis?

“Here at Laurel Fertility, we may talk through and go through multiple different measures, in terms of trying to understand and evaluate the extent of the impact on your fertility”

Watch Dr Smikle explain how his expert team supports patients with thorough investigations, and tailored, clear next steps in treatment.

Does adenomyosis affect fertility? Here’s the bottom line

When it comes to adenomyosis and fertility, remember, knowledge empowers.

Whilst it can impact fertility and pregnancy outcomes, recognizing those signs, exploring your fertility options, and trusting in medical expertise, is key.

So whether you’re contemplating conception or already on the road, make Laurel Fertility Care your first choice in the Bay Area – they’re by your side, offering invaluable support and truly personalized care and treatment options.

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