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Egg donation in 2023 – what’s new, exciting and relevant?

Poppy Millar-Maher, in partnership with Ovogene  |   3 Mar 2023

The first donor-conceived baby was born in 1978. Since then medicine has advanced so much that it has enabled people to conceive not only with standard IVF but also through third-party family-building routes such as; egg donation, sperm donation and embryo adoption.

Treatments are safer, more effective and more accessible than ever for both donors and recipients. Here’s a round-up of the latest in egg donation in 2023.

Flash freezing relaxes the timeline

Vitrification or cryopreservation is an advanced flash freezing method which continues to have a big impact on the IVF process, a recent EDNA study found. Before vitrification was widely used, donors and recipients had to sync up their cycles before the transfer. Now, the timeline is much more flexible, as vitrification makes it possible for eggs to be frozen for years at a time, and they can be safely transported.

With this increasing portability of eggs, more egg banks are emerging, and so there are simply more options available for those seeking donor eggs all over the world.

AI has transformed the selection process

Egg banks have strict selection processes to ensure their eggs are viable. The process of morphological donor oocyte selection (we know, it’s a mouthful) allows embryologists to select for quality by reviewing medical efficiency, which increases the chances of a successful implantation.

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in: it speeds up the process dramatically by making all the necessary calculations about the oocyte before passing them on to embryologists for the final stage of selection. Beyond selection, this cutting-edge AI makes it easier to match donors with recipients with a sophisticated matching system.

Choosing a tech-driven egg bank is the best route for patients who want quality assurance and efficiency, and Ovogene know how to deliver on the science as well as treating every patient as an individual.

Ovogene is the only bank in the world offering the unique service of Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology, making egg donation more accessible – more successful – for donors and recipients everywhere.

Check out Ovogene’s fascinating new webinar about mitochondrial transfer and fertility.

Donor banks are accessible to more people

Many countries now have liberal laws around conception from donor eggs. While regulations vary considerably from one country to another, a growing number of egg banks and affordable travel options mean that people have more choice than ever.

As more commercial egg banks emerge throughout Europe, there’s more competition between clinics to offer high-quality, affordable services. Also, egg banks are increasingly local, which means they’re uniquely in tune with local culture, and familiar with healthcare systems. This means that the process has become more efficient and trustworthy, wherever in the world you’re travelling to.

The narrative is changing

Cultural attitudes towards egg donation and fertility in general have shifted. And while there’s still a huge amount of progress to be made, recent years have seen positive changes for minority groups, which in turn has changed the way people are choosing to build their families.

For example, better education and changed attitudes in society have helped make it possible for more single, LGBTQ+ and older parents to use donated eggs to start their fertility journey, free from the societal judgement that may once have held them back.

More people are making donations

Quite simply, more people are choosing to donate their eggs these days. The double appeal of egg donation is that it’s an altruistic act and, in some countries, you can get paid for it, so more and more women are choosing to make a donation.

As a result, egg banks are now able to offer intended parents a wider choice of eggs and make their services more competitively priced. It’s a win-win.

Begin your journey as a donor or recipient with Ovogene, one of the most innovative egg banks in the world – get in touch for your initial consultation today.

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