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Fertility Abroad – Why Spain is Becoming the Top European IVF Destination

Eloise Edington  |   23 Mar 2021


In this IVF blog, we will be hearing from Fertility Clinics Abroad on why Spain is becoming the number one destination abroad when it comes to trying to conceive and looking for egg and sperm donors.

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Did you know that before the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people visited Spain every month? And it seems perfectly understandable – it is difficult not to love this beautiful Mediterranean country. Once you get to know its stunning landscapes, culture and unique way of living, you want to go back there again and again. And, as it turns out, not only for holidays. It is a well-known fact that Spain has become the top European IVF destination. Many international patients choose to have their fertility treatment there because of multiple reasons:

  • Safe and reliable healthcare system

  • A wide range of fertility treatment options

  • The availability of latest advances and techniques in IVF

  • A large pool of egg and sperm donors at hand

  • Relaxed and patient-friendly IVF legislation

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The ROPA Method

Spain is famous for its quite liberal laws concerning Assisted Reproductive Technology. Any woman over 18 years old, who is fully responsible for her decision, can undergo IVF treatment, independently of her marital status and sexual orientation. It means that single women, married heterosexual and homosexual couples and registered heterosexual partners can equally qualify for assisted reproduction.

Egg donation (as well as sperm and embryo donation) is allowed and strictly anonymous. The latter means that the Spanish law protects donor identity, so that the donor never knows the child’s personal data and the child never knows who the donor is. However, there is an exception and it is called the Reception of Oocytes from Partner (ROPA) method. It was legally recognised in Spain in 2007 and it is directed mostly at female same-sex couples. ROPA (or ‘shared motherhood’) enables both women from a couple to be actively involved in the conceiving process: one woman provides the oocytes, the other one receives embryos and carries the pregnancy. The availability of the ROPA method has surely become one of the most important advantages for same-sex female couples.

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So Why Spain?

A wide range of available IVF treatments is one ‘pro-Spain’ argument, high-quality IVF clinics are another. Modern and perfectly-equipped, they offer state-of–the-art technology and qualified staff with extensive experience in reproductive medicine. What’s more, Spanish IVF clinics are required to report their results to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF). Thanks to that, patients can be sure that the units are closely monitored, safe and reliable.

You have to admit that there are a lot of reasons to very seriously consider Spain in terms of one’s own fertility treatment abroad. To learn more about possible treatment options, IVF prices or success rates, make sure to follow our campaign Spain – Fertility Destination 2021. In the upcoming months, we will try to present you with all aspects of IVF treatment in Spain and give you the chance to meet some of the country’s leading fertility professionals. Dealing with fertility concerns and planning one’s own IVF treatment abroad may be overwhelming – we understand it perfectly well. Let us take some burden off your shoulders and do not forget to tune into our campaign virtual events!

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