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Eloise Edington  |   29 Dec 2021

Christmas is a time for reflecting on the past year (and what a year it’s been…) and looking forward to the next.

For many in our Fertility Help Hub community (you can download the free app here), 2021 was characterised by failed treatment and disappointment.  As always, we’re here for you and hope our shared stories and expert input offers guidance even when positivity is elusive.

Yet as we approach 2022, let’s look towards next year and find out what our community is hopeful for in 2022.  On our FHH Instagram (follow here), we asked you: “What are your fertility hopes for 2022?”  We were blown away by hundreds of responses; please forgive us if we haven’t included your story, but know we’re wishing you all the luck for your 2022 hopes.

Read on to discover fertility dreams for next year.

Words by Holly Pigache with invaluable input from our community.

*Names have been changed.

Trigger warning: mentions of miscarriage.

Finally see two pink lines and start our family.

As you might expect, there is much hope for BFPs (Big Fat Positives) and successful pregnancies.  Yet it’s also the stories of fertility journeys to date that make our fertility community so diverse and formidable.

Here are some of our community’s wishes for 2022:

A successful pregnancy.

That round five is our success story.

There’s a lot of hope for rainbow babies over the next 12 months.  Laura says she’s hopeful “to have our rainbow baby after our second round loss on Christmas Eve,” Annabel wishes to have “a healthy rainbow baby after losing our boy in April to congenital diaphragmatic hernia” and Kelly, too, wants “to have [their] rainbow baby” just like Michelle. 

Mimi* shares hope of a “healthy rainbow baby after three miscarriages” and Lucy wants “to have [her] rainbow baby after a loss on 21st December.”  Sarah is hoping “to have a healthy baby after seven failed rounds and five miscarriages” and Alison* wants “to birth a full-term baby [after] four heartbreaking losses.  [Our] last loss was on Christmas Eve.”  Similarly, Kerry* wants “to have a successful IVF treatment and finally [her] triple rainbow”.

Karen says she hopes “pregnancy announcements don’t hurt as much” – a wish many IG followers responded to with support and agreement.

That my first ever positive pregnancy test sticks around and I have a healthy baby in August.

For so many, 2022 means the continuation of treatment and exciting next steps:

Dee wishes for “a successful frozen [embryo] transfer [FET]”, as does Charlie, like so many others: [we’re hoping] that our last FET works”.  Stephanie and Xavier want a “successful FET!” and Priya* hopes for “a successful FET which results in a healthy pregnancy and live birth” whilst Susanne* has her fingers crossed “that our FET implanted”. 

Rose, too, hopes her “first FET ends in a baby in [her] arms following two IVF [rounds] and two missed miscarriages in 2021.”. Charley’s official test day is early in the new year and she’s hoping for a “big fat positive miracle after four rounds” of treatment.  Mia’s* wanting “to get Clomid and conceive” whilst Syd* want to get pregnant with the last IVF round [she’ll] ever do.”

To fall pregnant after years of trying and eventually getting help from the clinic.

Laura*, too, is hoping “to have [their] miracle baby after two losses in 2021,” Marie* says in 2022 she’s going “to go for Round 3 and hopefully make an embryo this time… and then to get it to stick” and Ashleigh* hopes “that the fifth cycle will work.”  Rebecca is hopeful she’ll “give birth to two healthy babies in January after seven IVF rounds in the last two years” and Zoe hopes “to get pregnant, cope with injecting daily and get past 12 weeks.  The last two [pregnancies] haven’t.”

To have successful treatment and be able to hold my miracle.

Thea* has her fingers crossed the next semen test indicates the presence of sperm “so [they] can move onto successful treatment” and Caron hopes “gynaes work out my gynae problem that’s affecting my fertility”. Gina* says, “after seven years TTC [they] finally become parents”, and Emma’s plans for 2022 are “to carry a baby to term and bring them home!  Three losses and it’s hard to believe.”

To become dads!  [We’ve had] four transfers and one miscarriage.

To have twins.

Calandra* is hoping “that the current round of duo-stim IVF… is successful”, Francis* says “after four IVF rounds, I’m about to use donor eggs.  So pregnancy and birth in 2022 is my hope.”  Jools also hopes for “a successful first cycle with donor eggs”.  Katherine* hopes “for our third IVF cycle (after five miscarriages) to result in a healthy baby”.  Tash hopes her “partner’s DNA fragmentation comes back [as] normal post-surgery [and] for a successful IVF cycle” as Monica wants “to start IUI and be pregnant by the end of 2022”. 

Arlette* just wishes “to get the courage to do another IVF round” and Rylee tells us she hopes her “[IVF] cycle isn’t as traumatic [as last time], egg collection isn’t painful and [they] get more than one embryo”.  Gemma* hopes “the ICSI cycle [they’re] about to start works this time” and Emmy* is “hoping a second opinion can bring us closer to a little miracle”. 

That our next IVF cycle works and we have the little family we are wishing for so much.

Or perhaps, like Hannah, 2022 hails the start of your fertility treatment.  Hannah told us she wants to “hopefully start IVF in February/March after months of appointments!”  Jo says she “can’t wait… to get started – I’m very excited.”  Similarly, Lisa* plans to “start IVF in Jan/Feb after a two-year wait and a new clinic” and Phoebe* is excited “to start IVF”. 

To finally conceive baby number two.

Kerri says she hopes to “actually start IVF in Jan like [planned] after two years of waiting”.  Clara says she’s hopeful “to start IVF in March and give [her] wonderful husband the baby [they’ve] wanted for so long”.  Ruby* wants to “lose enough weight to be eligible for fertility treatment (or let it happen naturally)” and Paige wants to “raise enough money to start the process of IVF”. 

Charlie* also wants “to be able to afford another round of IVF after two losses” and Chantel hopes to “gain the funds to start the process.”  Michael* hopes he and his partner “have a baby by next Christmas” and Nora* wants to “have this baby that’s growing inside [her]”.  Jess* says “sorting the genetic testing [she] needs and then a healthy pregnancy via IUI is the goal”.  For Lena*, in 2022 she plans to “heal [her] fibroids and start the baby-making process”.

To have our baby on our third retrieval after an eight-week loss over Christmas.

To finally fall pregnant at 41 after 11 years of trying and one failed ICSI.

Everyone’s story is unique and valid and everyone’s fertility is deeply personal, and yet all readers will see themselves reflected in these wishes for 2022.  IVF and fertility treatment can feel painfully lonely sometimes but as we head into the New Year, know you are not alone and as sad as it is that others have trodden a similar path, guidance and wisdom is not too far away.

To all our community, the Fertility Help Hub team wishes you a very happy New Year.

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