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10 Reasons to Come to The Online Fertility Show in September

Eloise Edington  |  6 Aug 2021

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Helping those who are struggling with infertility to find a community who can support them is a top priority for Fertility Help Hub, which is why we have dedicated this fertility article to The Fertility Show’s upcoming online summit.

You really shouldn’t miss it: there will be talks and seminars on all aspects of fertility, and Sophie Sulehria, a team member of The Fertility Show (whom we love), has made a helpful list of all the live events you won’t want to miss.

Read on to see how these talks can help you improve intimacy with your partner, learn about male infertility specialists and much more. Fertility Help Hub will be there and we can’t wait.

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Words by Sophie Sulehria

The Fertility Show Online Summit

Hi everyone, I’m Sophie Sulehria, part of the team at The Fertility Show.  I’m back this month to tell you about our exciting NEW Online Summit on the 24th – 27th September, coming directly to you from the comfort of your own home. 

The tickets have now gone on sale (get 20% off here with code FHHA20) and we’re preparing for what’s set to be everything you’ll ever need from a fertility event.  The Summit will host over 60 live seminars, covering every aspect of fertility, with leading fertility specialists and ambassadors from all over the world. Over the course of the four days, you will be able to hear from and talk to doctors, clinicians, experts, previous fertility patients, authors, ambassadors, and more.  So, to give you a sneak peek of what’s in store, here are my personal top ten talks to look out for:

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1) Professor Allan Pacey – Professor of Andrology at The University of Sheffield

It was only when I started to host The Fertility Show’s “Let’s all Talk Fertility” webinar series that I realised the importance of andrology.  For those who don’t know (don’t worry, you are not alone), andrology is a medical specialty which deals with the male reproductive system and urological problems found only in men.  Andrology is the direct equivalent of gynaecology, but unlike gynaecology it is not widely recognised as its own distinct specialty. 

Yet it is becoming strikingly clear just how important it is to look into the male side of fertility, as it accounts to 50% of the problem when it comes to infertility.  Yes, you read that right, 50% of the problem.  In fact it was suggested by one of our guests back in February, that an andrologist should be inserted into every fertility clinic in the land.  When I started to look into it, I realised she was right.  Why doesn’t a man have access to the same fertility treatment as a woman in a fertility clinic as standard? 

Allan Pacey is one of the leaders in his field, and an expert when it comes to the biology of sperm and aspects of semen quality and fertility in males.  I would look out for him, especially if you are facing unexplained infertility, because that’s when it’s time to look more closely at the sperm.

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2) Dr Julia Kopeika – Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

When I interviewed Julia for our “Let’s All Talk Fertility” webinar series back in March, I was so pleased to hear that gynaecologists were giving more consideration to fertility when treating women of childbearing age.  Sadly, I have personal experience of the opposite.  Having endometriosis myself, when I saw a gynae about my symptoms in my twenties, my fertility wasn’t a consideration. 

I had two laparoscopies (one after the other) and was given an injectable drug to prevent my periods – a drug that, if it was recommended now, an egg collection would have been advised beforehand as it had a detrimental effect on my egg reserve, as did the laparoscopies and laser treatment. Fifteen years on and I was delighted to hear that gynaecologists, like Julia, were well-versed in the reproductive side of things too, so fewer women will have to go through what I did in later years (facing an infertility struggle).  Julia, like the rest of our speakers, will be on hand to answer any gynaecology concerns you may have.

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3) Fertility Network UK

The Fertility Network is the UK’s national charity for infertility.  Whether you’re trying to conceive, going through fertility treatment, or living without children, they are always there and ready to offer a wide range of resources and support. 

Not only will someone from the charity be hosting a seminar room across the four days, but they will be on hand to give you any advice or guidance you may need in your personal situation.  They are also imparting their wisdom on how to choose a fertility clinic in the UK – a difficult decision for anyone when starting out with treatment.  The charity is a must when it comes to on-hand support.

4) Fertility Fest

Fertility Fest is the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility, the science of making babies and modern families.  Created by my co-hosts Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier, Fertility Fest will have their very own dedicated sessions.  Jessica will be in conversation with authors and playwrights who have their own fertility stories to share, plus she will be talking to some of the most well-know people in the world of fertility in Seminar Room 1.

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5) An Introduction to Egg & Sperm Donation, Nina Barnsley, Donor Conception Network

I loved watching Nina during our “Let’s all Talk Fertility” webinar series.  Approaching egg donation can be a daunting process, but Nina was measured and sensible with her fertility advice. 

She gave wonderful tips about how to deal with the emotional impact of egg donation, the loss of genetics, and how to tell friends and family.  If you are considering egg donation as an option for your family, I would highly recommend watching Nina.

6) Anna Veiga, Coordinator for ESHRE’s Covid 19 Working Group

If there is one subject that has dominated the world of fertility this year, it’s the impact that the Covid vaccination may have on a person’s future fertility and unborn children.  The advice from the fertility clinics all the way along has been to have the vaccination, but we are acutely aware of the backlash this suggestion has received.  We therefore want to give potential parents out there the chance to gain expert advice, voice any fears and ask any questions you may have from one of the top fertility specialists in the field.   

7) Mental Health – Various Speakers

I have long since described my infertility experience as a mental health condition over a physical one.  I often urge people to talk to a mental health professional and seek fertility advice when facing the lows that infertility can bring.  So, I am pleased to say that mental health is high on the agenda at the Summit.  We don’t just have one mental health professional, we have a number of them, including: Andreia Trigo, a nurse consultant and speaker, who will be talking about mental health and fertility in women. 

Counsellor, Angela Pericleous Smith, and Fertility Coach, Sarah Banks, who will be discussing whether or not fertility counselling and coaching is for you.  Plus IVF counsellor, Tracey Sainsbury, will be sharing her advice on how to preserve your relationship during a struggle with fertility.  Fertility treatment is no joke in a relationship.  One in three couples split under the pressure, so it’s about looking after our minds as well as our bodies.  In my opinion, these sessions are crucial.

8) Coping with Pregnancy Loss, Zoe Clarke-Coates Adelle, Saying Goodbye

Zoe is one of the UK’s top experts in grief. Following the devastating loss of her five babies, Zoe decided to use her counselling qualifications and business experience to improve support for anyone who suffers baby loss.  I have read Zoe’s story and have seen some of the amazing work she does with her charity Saying Goodbye, so I look forward to hearing her talk at The Summit.

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Fertility Help

9) Race and Reproduction, Vanessa Haye and Seetal Savla

Since the HFEA reported fertility treatment to be less successful for ethnic minority patients in 2018, I have been interested in diversity in fertility.  Being of mixed heritage myself (my dad is South Asian), I find it difficult to comprehend that people from ethnic minority backgrounds undergoing fertility treatment are less likely to have a baby. 

Yet, after talking to fertility patient, Noni Martins (from Zimbabwe) earlier this year, I learnt that Black people in the UK are over 25 times less likely to access fertility treatment than White people. Meanwhile White British people are 8 times more likely to go for fertility treatment than those of Indian and Pakistani descent combined. 

Then there’s the issue of egg donation.  There are only 259 Black egg and sperm donors compared to the 9,000+ White donors in this country.  This vastly limits the donor options for people who want their children to reflect their own ethnicity, and therefore dissuades a number of Black and Asian people from exploring donor conception as a route to parenthood, which feels vastly unfair.  I look forward to hearing how Vanessa and Seetal – both fertility patients – feel about these topics at The Summit.

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10) Peanut – Community: What it means to me

I can’t end this piece without giving a plug to my own stage and seminars now can I!  I am pleased to say that on each of the four days I will be hosting a room full of amazing patients.  In partnership with Peanut TTC, the social networking app for women, I will discuss a variety of topics with the wonderful women I have met via social media and / or on Peanut. 

Join me as I talk to the BFN podcast girls: fertility activist and campaigner, Amber Izzo; fertility mindset mentor, Alice Rose; adoption blogger and campaigner, NFM; mum of four children via egg donation and surrogacy, Kreena Dhiman; fertility patient and campaigner, Noni Martins; donor conception advocate, Becky Kearnes; and finally, the amazing Ruth Corden who is currently living childlessly but not by choice. 

I cannot wait to talk to these inspirational, fabulous women.  I want to get to the heart of their stories, gain knowledge and comfort from their wise words of advice, and hear how they’ve navigated the bumpy road that is TTC.

I am so proud and feel so lucky to be involved in what is set to be four days of informative content from some of the biggest names in the industry.  So come along and meet them.  Ask them your questions.  Get some clear and concise advice about your situation.  Find your community.  Anything you miss, you can watch back again and again later, all at the click of a button, all for the price of just £20.  And if you download the Peanut app and join our Fertility Show group, you will gain access to a 30% discount code.  Bargain!  The Fertility Show’s first Virtual Summit is guaranteed to help the bumpy road become just a little bit easier to walk down.  I hope to see you there.

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The Fertility Show’s online summit covers such a broad range of infertility topics, that it’s bound to cover the area you’re interested in. Checkout The Fertility Show Website to see how this summit can provide you with helpful advice on managing grief and intimacy.

To claim 20% off of your ticket to these important infertility seminars, remember to use the code FHHA20 at checkout.

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