3 ways pregnancy and fertility visualization can support your family-building journey

Emma Harpham  |   14 Dec 2023

Today, we’re exploring three powerful ways pregnancy and fertility visualization and meditation can become a crucial part of your family-building toolkit.

Dive into the world of visualization and meditation while trying to conceive, learn how to forge a profound connection with your baby in the womb through pregnancy visualization, and discover how these practices continue to be your allies in prioritizing postpartum recovery.

Watch as Lital Bernstein, founder of WholeNest, the therapeutic brand focused on providing health-preserving natural wellness products and holistic health services to empower your healing, chats through three ways the transformative power of your mind can help support your family-building journey.

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1. Fertility visualization and meditation can support your TTC journey

Fertility visualization can be particularly beneficial when it comes to the positive mental aspect when TTC – because, oh boy, it can feel so hard.

WholeNest’s “Nourish & Nurture” Fertility Healing Circle is specifically created to support those of you who are actively TTC, promoting physical and emotional well-being and preparing you for the next chapter of your story – whatever that may look like.

Lital explains that, when your mind isn’t getting the support it needs, your body can feel disconnected, too.

“Often there is a disconnect between the body and mind, we fall into fears and that creates a blockage in the body and therefore a blockage to conceive.

The more we release these fears, the more we work on our consciousness, the healthier this process and the healthier the body will respond.”

2. Pregnancy visualization can help create a stronger connection with your baby

Pregnancy visualization can help when you’re going through all of the hormonal and emotional changes this time can bring. These changes can definitely happen in the mind, too, and can impact how you see yourself, as well as setting the tone of how you’re going to bond with your baby.

The “Empower & Sustain” Pregnancy Healing Circle was created to empower you to embrace the pregnancy period by encouraging deep bonding with your little one through meditation and visualization of the life you want to live.

Lital explains;

“As you’re preparing yourself for labor, work with your body and with your baby as a team together.

Talk to them, and send them good vibes with your open heart. They can hear you. Invite them, and prepare the connection for the future between you and them.”

3. Visualization tips to balance prioritize your postpartum recovery

The postpartum period is an incredibly personal time of immense transformation. So, nurturing yourself holistically is key to aiding in your physical recovery.

The “Reboot & Renew” Postpartum Healing Circle was created to help you learn how to balance the joys and challenges of this time, supporting your recovery physically and emotionally to help relieve stress, heal anxiety, and build a strong bond with baby.

Lital shares her tips for prioritizing recovery postpartum, including;

  • Radical acceptance – Accept and embrace with love, where you are at right now. Accept it, it will change, and it will get better.
  • Be grateful – Be appreciative of the biggest blessings you’ve received. This appreciation will guide you to do the right thing at any given moment.
  • Trust your motherly instincts – People will tell you what to do, and what not to do. Even if it’s your first time, you know, operate from your gut, and from your instincts.

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