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Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s 10-Year Birthday Gift for You

Eloise Edington  |   18 Sep 2020


Our partner clinic, Harley Street Fertility Clinic in Marylebone, London are celebrating their 10-year anniversary of helping bring thousands of much-wanted babies into the world and most excitingly, they’re offering our readers a birthday gift to help ease the financial strain at the moment (read on to find out more about this fabulous offer)…

We have done Instagram LIVES with Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr Geetha Venkat who is extremely knowledgable and straight-talking. We are big fans here at FHH and you’d be hard-pushed to find more attractive and comforting surroundings for your fertility treatment.

To the juicy stuff – let’s find out what Harley Street Fertility Clinic have been up to over the past decade, who they’ve helped and most importantly, how they can support you.

Over to HSFC | @hsfc_uk

At Harley Street Fertility Clinic, we’re delighted to be celebrating ten years of providing fertility help to those wanting to grow their family. As well as our medical expertise and high tech laboratories (tools for genetic testing, endometriosis analysis etc), we have a team of counsellors, as well as acupuncturists, who together offer our patients a personalised experience. When you’re trying to conceive, it’s paramount that you feel supported, safe and successful. It’s also nice to be greeted with a warm smile.

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What Do You Do?

The first key thing we do, is to offer a fertility check-up to both men and women. These check-ups include assessments, which involve basic investigations that will help each individual understand their own fertility status and what their options are when trying to conceive.

There are around 11 fertility treatments that our fertility clinic offer, these include:

1.  In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

2.  Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) – where a single sperm is injected directly into the egg

3.  Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) – selecting sperm that are morphologically normal

4.  Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) – also known as Artificial Insemination

5.  IVF with Donor Eggs

6.  Treatment with Donor Sperm

7.  Egg Sharing

8.  Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

9.  Mild-Natural IVF

10.  Folicular Tracking

11.  Surrogacy

As well as this, there are around 12 specialist procedures, some of them being the Endometrial Scratch, HyCosy, Ultrasound Scan, and Advanced Embryology to name but a few. All of this alongside the patient support offered, means that you’ll be able to get the exact fertility help that you need for your personal situation.


Tell Us About Your IVF Success Rates?

Our fertility success rates include 52% for women under, 35 years old and 17% for women aged 40-42. Therefore our overall success rate is 40% success for IVF and other fertility treatments.

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Let’s Meet Some People You’ve Helped


Introducing Baby ‘Harley’ born during The Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s important to highlight the great work that Harley Street Fertility has done for people, so we’re delighted to meet two different families, to hear their situations and how they were able to achieve their dreams through this clinic.

This isn’t one you hear about everyday – lecturers Jasmin and Patrick ‘couldn’t have had a better experience with HSFC’, so much so, that they decided to name their baby Harley to honour the clinic! Patrick talked about how their experience was ‘professional from start to finish’, as they were given sufficient ‘fertility specialist advice every step of the way’ and were not forced to choose any treatment that they didn’t feel fully comfortable in taking.

As with every couple, when it came to trying to conceive, they were understandably very nervous and anxious, however the staff helped to alleviate any fears they had, and guided them through the whole process. With Jasmin and Patrick, their issues arose from a lack of eggs, therefore there were in need of a fertility specialist and help and were told by friends, ‘if you want something done well, you go to Harley Street’.

Their Diagnosis

They were met with transparency from Dr. Venkat, who told them that as Jasmin was Pre-menopausal, so the chances of her getting pregnant with her own eggs were 0.4%, compared to women over 40 who have a 40% chance. So naturally, egg donation was discussed as their option. They went through a swift process of finding a match that met their preferences, and were given ten eggs, five of which were viable. They were lucky enough to find IVF success first time, and even though the whole process and the dreaded 2WW (Two Week Wait) was daunting, they found it ‘absolutely worth it’.

Fertility Costs

When it comes to the price, they believed that they got what they paid for. They could have gone through the NHS for less or no cost, however they would have had to go through a longer waiting period, instead of the fast-track process of getting all tests and results done quickly and being able to start immediately, as they did with HSFC. We know this isn’t financially possible for everyone, but if it is, wait-time could be worth considering when weighing up your options.

Jasmin and Patrick’s Advice

The overall advice that Jasmin and Patrick would give to other couples who are trying to conceive, would be to support each other. Jasmin was able to lean on her partner and know not to give up hope, as this was an unfair phase they had to go through to fulfill their family dreams… Patrick was able to take charge of the situation and would recommend that to other men – not to let the women do everything and be the only positive voice. A shoulder to cry on really helps make the process much more manageable.

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Meet Rachael, Michael and Harry

Rachael says that she ‘wouldn’t be a mum today without HSFC’s help’. Unlike Jasmin’s story, Rachael had undergone an ectopic pregnancy which led to one of her fallopian tubes being removed. After being told that she would not be able to have a natural pregnancy, her and her husband Michael then started to look into other fertility treatment options, which led them to Harley Street Fertility Clinic in London. They looked at their IVF success rates and reviews, and then having met Dr. Venkat, they knew this was the right place for them. They went down the common route of IVF and didn’t need to use an egg donor or sperm donor, as they were fortunate enough to be able to use their own. Rachael talked about how her ‘blastocysts didn’t make it to day 5’ , therefore she had to have a transfer on day 2, and after two transfers, one of them lead to baby Harry.

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Even though their fertility treatment was more than five years ago, Rachael still remembers how well her pregnancy went. It all went smoothly, and the knowledge, guidance and support that Harley Street and Dr. Venkat provided her with, made the whole experience stress-free. They felt as though the fertility treatments that best suited their needs were made available to them and everything was discussed in detail, so that they felt comfortable in their decision. Rachael’s advice for other women experiencing the same thing would be to go see Dr. Venkat – ‘You will be treated in such a comforting, confidential and dignified way, by all the team and staff’.


10-Year Birthday Discount For Our Readers

The best news is, to mark Harley Street Fertility Clinic’s 10-year birthday, they’re offering our readers an exclusive 10% off check-ups for both women and men.

To take advantage of this offer, click here and quote Fertility Help Hub when booking.

Hopefully this IVF Blog has shown you that you aren’t alone and that there are many other options out there if you are struggling with infertility and if you’re considering fertility treatment in London, just how the team at HSFC can help you liked they’ve helped the patients above. Every fertility journey is unique and that’s why you need the right individualised care for you.

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