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International Embryo Shipping Q&A with Cryoport Systems

Kristina Lopez, in partnership with Cryoport Systems  |  15 May 2023

Cryoport Systems is the leading partner for intended parents needing to ship their reproductive materials. Their services bring peace of mind that every shipment they facilitate is handled with the upmost care.

When it comes to international embryo shipping, Cryoport Systems is the perfect partner to handle the logistics of your shipping needs. Check out the ways that they provide certainty through both domestic and international shipments.

What are the risks involved in shipping frozen embryos internationally, and how does Cryoport minimize them?

Regardless of the distance your reproductive materials are travelling, it’s understood that there will always be a certain level of risk involved due to the nature of the situation. Luckily there are a number of ways to successfully mitigate those potential risks.

One of the most important factors in the process is the equipment that’s used to transport your reproductive materials. If the equipment – also known as a ‘dewar’ – isn’t properly handled and managed, the risk of the materials being compromised drastically increases.

Cryoport Systems uses a dry vapor liquid nitrogen dewar for all IVF shipments. This equipment can maintain its -150°C temperature for at least 10 days, which is the same temperature at which your reproductive materials are stored at your clinic. Each Cryoport Systems shipper goes through an intense cleaning and requalification process after every single use, ensuring it can maintain the conditions necessary for a successful transfer.

The technology that accommodates each shipment is a crucial part of Cryoport Systems’ shipping process. The condition monitoring system that they use gives the support team insight into the conditions and tracking location of the shipment 24/7. This includes pick ups, drop offs, customs scans, and the important condition data of the interior and exteriors of the tank.

Plus, Cryoport Systems’ customer care experts are only a phone call or email away, and ready to answer any questions or update you on your shipment.

Are there legal requirements for international embryo shipping?

International shipments can seem like an extra stressor to the already overwhelming experience of IVF. The idea of moving your precious reproductive materials to a country so far from home can, understandably, feel intimidating. However, Cryoport Systems has shipped to over 150 countries, building extensive experience and expertise in global trade regulations.

And, while there are countries that won’t currently accept IVF shipments, Cryoport Systems can help educate you on the ordinances and legal requirements that you’ll need to consider, for each unique situation.

cryopreservation-cryoport-shipping paperwork

Do I need to provide any documentation for shipping frozen embryos across international borders?

Cryoport works directly with you to identify the customs paperwork and documentation needed to accompany your individual shipment. Their team members are knowledgeable of the specific certifications and information needed in order to prepare each shipment for its international journey.

Once you consult with Cryoport Systems on your shipment’s needs, they’ll be able to advise you on the necessary documents that must accompany your materials.

What are Cryoport Systems’ international shipping costs compared to other services?

When shipping internationally, duties and taxes vary by country. The overall cost to ship internationally or domestically with Cryoport Systems will vary depending on your shipment’s specific details – for example its destination, insurance needs, and desired timeline.

Requesting a quote from Cryoport Systems requires zero commitment – the team can generate a cost summary using a few basic shipping details from you. The specialist team will then assess your needs and provide a quote within 24-48 hours.

Ready to ship? Connect with Cryoport Systems to get everything booked, in the best hands. 

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