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Natural Fertility Boost – Fed Up with Cycling your Legs in the Air after Sex? Introducing The Ferti·Lily

Eloise Edington  |  28 Feb 2020




If you’re reading this, no doubt you’re part of the TTC club (trying to conceive club). Yup – you’re probably fed up with bicycle cycling your legs in the air after sex, taking all the fun and romance out of it? Lots of people jump to medical intervention without knowing about fertility products out there that may be able to help with natural conception. There are lots of different ways to assist natural conception; such as fertility nutrition and other holistic practices such as fertility acupuncture. But here at Fertility Help Hub, we want to look at a new product which is specifically designed to help aid conception at home, by helping more sperm reach the cervix. Read on, as this just could help you to conceive and they’re offering a whopping 30% off too!

Introducing the FERTI·LILY! I @fertilily

Did you know that there’s now a product in the UK (and other countries) which can help with the conception journey, from the comfort of your home, and it is natural, safe, and hormone-free? The FERTI·LILY is an innovative product developed by medical entrepreneur, Robert Stal, who experienced first-hand the frustrations of not conceiving:

“As a medical innovator, I could not understand how there was nothing available that would help the odds of conceiving right from the start and in the comfort of people’s homes.”

My dream was to develop products that improve the chances of conception, without any negative effect on the body or on the romance and passion involved with making a child”, says Robert.


What Exactly is the FERTI·LILY?

The FERTI·LILY is a conception cup – a hormone-free conception aid (cup) that can be used to help increase the chances of conceiving. It is a tested and approved medical device, to be used in the comfort of your own space and does not interfere with sexual intercourse or spontaneity, because it’s designed for use after sex.

Why was it Developed?

Around one in seven couples experience difficulties trying to conceive, including the FERTI·LILY’s designer, Robert. He wanted to develop a product which could help other couples in their journey to having a baby, but without invasive processes which would get in the way of intimacy.

And How does it Work?

The design of the FERTI·LILY conception cup ensures more sperm reaches the cervix (the opening of the uterus). The cup is easily placed into the vagina after sex, pushing the sperm towards the cervix, and the cervical mucus, where they are protected and survive for longer. This increases the chances of more sperm cells swimming into the uterus towards the egg.

Remember to keep the FERTI·LILY close to the bed, or wherever you have sex, so you will not have to get up after intercourse. Try not to sit or stand up, as gravity means the sperm will flow away from the cervix. You can leave the FERTI·LILY in for 20-60 minutes whilst you go about your normal activity, including going to the bathroom and showering. Let it do its job!

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What is it Made From?

As an intimate product, it’s good to know that the FERTI·LILY is made of soft, flexible, 100% medical grade silicone, which is proven to be comfortable to insert, wear and remove. Manufactured in Switzerland, you can be sure of its high quality.

How Often Can I Use It?

Use the FERTI·LILY during the ovulatory phase of your menstrual cycle. Using ovulation predictor kits may help you to determine the days of your monthly cycles with the highest fertility, and you can leave it in for up to an hour each time. Medical silicone is very durable, but it’s good to inspect your cup before each use. A general guideline is to replace it after six months of use, or sooner if there are signs of deterioration, such as a sticky or powdery residue, breaks in the silicone, severe discolouration or odour.

For first-time users of this natural conception aid, it is recommended that the FERTI·LILY is inserted, positioned and removed a number of times before intercourse until you’re familiar with how to use it.

Do I Need to Use Anything With it?

There is no need to use anything with the conception cup to increase its effectiveness. However, research suggests that female orgasm can help your chances of conceiving. So if you haven’t already had an orgasm, try to have one after inserting the cup, and if you have already had one, why not have another!

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How May it Help Me Get Pregnant?

Did you know that normally up to 60% of sperm can flow out of the vagina after sex, and the low pH of your vagina kills off sperm. The less time the sperm spends in the vagina, the better for its survival. Using the FERTI·LILY conception cup helps increase the number of sperm delivered to the protective environment of your cervix. This improves the chances of natural conception every time.

Why Have I Never Heard About The FERTI·LILY?

The conception cup was launched in 2019, available globally to 22 countries to date and we’re continuing to get the name out there! In some countries, it is already being prescribed by gynaecologists before people have IUI and or IVF.

Most Importantly, Where Can I Buy it?

In the UK, the FERTI·LILY is available from:

Fortunately, Robert’s story is a happy one: with the birth of his son in November 2017 he found the last drop of motivation he needed to start on this entrepreneurial journey developing the FERTI.LILY, and his wife is currently pregnant after using the conception cup. The FERTI·LILY conception cup is intended as an aid in conception and does not guarantee pregnancy. However, it certainly gives a little help making your little miracle. We love hearing from you, so drop us any questions and we can tell you more!

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