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How much is IVF in Denmark? Fertility treatment costs explained

Jessie Day, in partnership with Maigaard Fertility Clinic  |   27 Nov 2023

Why do so many of us head to Denmark for treatment?

The stats do vary, but by and large it’s estimated that 8-10 per cent of Danish babies are conceived using ART (assisted reproductive technology). That’s a lot more than in the UK or US, where the estimated numbers are currently around 2 per cent.  

Why the big difference? For leading Danish fertility clinic Maigaard, it’s all about a few compelling factors.

Denmark has amongst the most liberal legislation for fertility treatment globally – and matches this with more liberal, less stigmatising social attitudes. It also provides high quality medical and health care, often at a more affordable cost

Scandinavian excellence

With Scandinavian excellence and highest quality of care at its core, Maigaard Fertility Clinic brings 20 years of experience to every patient journey. And as one of the undisputed leaders in the field of reproductive medicine, has an impressive track record of proven success. 

We asked for a peek inside their costs – for various ART treatments, from IVF to IUI, FET and preservation options – to make a comparison with average UK prices in 2023. Plus, we’ve paired up to answer a few more of our community’s FAQs about fertility treatment in Denmark.

How much does IVF in Denmark cost?

As a baseline, a single IVF cycle costs upwards of €3,200 (around £2,700) in Denmark, maxing out at around €4,500 (IVF with ICSI – intracytoplasmic sperm injection – will usually start at €3,600). 

Like in other countries, costs will often be banded by age – for example IVF for someone aged 35 or under will usually be less expensive than for a patient aged 40 plus. 

Tailored cost packages are also very popular. At Maigaard Fertility Clinic, packages of up to three treatments for the price of approximately two treatments are available to make things more affordable.

This is just for IVF, however, and doesn’t factor in donated sperm or eggs. IVF with anonymous donor eggs starts at €6,500 in Denmark, ranging up to €8,500 (using known donor eggs will reduce it by around 10 per cent). Sperm donation adds between €400-500. 

Embryo donation in Denmark

Despite a famously liberal attitude to fertility treatment, embryo donation isn’t legal in Denmark. However, ‘double donation’ is, and allows an option for patients to go for simultaneous donation of eggs and sperm – the building blocks of the embryo.

Double donation averages out similarly to egg donation treatments, not including the price of sperm donation – as this varies depending on the sperm donor you choose. 

fertility treatment in denmark

Is IVF free in Denmark?

There’s a lot of interest in this, thanks to Denmark’s well-known and progressive take on health – and specifically, fertility – care. The simple answer is, in Denmark, three fresh IVF transfers (or five started cycles) for a first child are covered by the public health service for female Danish citizens aged over 18 and up to age 40. 

This is funded by Danish tax payers, and treatment will usually be in a public centre. 

So IVF is free, up to a certain point, for Danish female citizens. However, for the rest of the world and people considering going abroad for treatment, Denmark still presents one of the most affordable options in Europe, for high quality of care. Overseas patients can also benefit from more relaxed age caps, seeking treatment until age 46.

Who can benefit from Denmark’s affordable treatment?

Check out our 5 reasons to travel to Denmark for treatment for lots of detail on this, from affordability and gold standard care to donor quality, low wait times, inclusivity and easy travel. 

The cost factor is a big plus in particular for certain patients, especially those who: 

These groups, plus many, many other people looking for more affordable options without compromise on that world-leading standard of care approach, are increasingly turning their attention to fertility treatment in Denmark.  

One clinic’s cost breakdown, explained

We asked one of Denmark’s most established centres – Maigaard Fertility Clinic – to break down their current costs for a side-by-side comparison with average UK costs

Conscious of our community’s diversity and varied needs and priorities when choosing a treatment approach, we’ve also referenced specific options for egg freezing, treatment with donor eggs and IUI. 

If you have a specific question in relation to LGBTQ+ treatment planning, egg freezing or anything else, the team at Maigaard Fertility Clinic are on hand to help

UK figures are publicly available from NHS and HFEA online, and correct at the time of writing.


These are the core costs, and currently Maigaard will also include the use of EmbryoScope in every package, for continuous time-lapse video imagery of embryo development, as well as covering the cost for:

  • a free-of-charge initial consultation (online)
  • all mandatory blood tests (if doing these in Denmark)
  • your first year of storage for surplus embryos

Note that medication costs are excluded.

It’s important to bear in mind that all clinics, regardless of location, will set their own unique cost structure, and this may include certain treatment aspects, but exclude others. So read all the information carefully, and ask as many questions as you need, when making a decision.

Financing your treatment in Denmark

As we’ve noted, it’s important to bear in mind that these are core cost comparisons, and don’t cover specific medications and add-ons which your fertility doctor may recommend. There are also travel and accommodation costs to factor in – see below before you browse however, for handy discounts on local hotel stays

That said, with five years of storage covered on egg freezing options (one year is also covered on all IVF cycles), Maigaard Fertility Clinic provides some of the most affordable options for patients travelling to Denmark, in 2023. They also offer: 

  • a free first online consultation with a top tier doctor 
  • minimal to no waiting times 
  • agreements with local hotels for discounted stays 

Ready to hit go on fertility treatment in Denmark? Chat to Maigaard Fertility Clinic today for all the detail on costs, finance options and to set up a free expert consultation.

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