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Between IVF cycles? A clinic’s tips for looking after your mental health

Eloise Edington  |   13 May 2022

Looking after your mental health during fertility treatments

Fertility treatments can be a drain on your mental health and sometimes not taking a break feels more manageable. But taking a break between cycles could be a good opportunity for you to reset and revitalize instead of just plowing on. 

Deciding to take a break or not is a super personal decision and is completely up to you – but keeping tabs on your mental health, as well as discussing your options with your fertility specialist, can help you make the best choice for your well-being and fertility journey. 

To get you started, Laurel Fertility Care share their team’s expert advice on looking after your mental health during fertility treatment.

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Maintaining mental health between IVF cycles

To wait, or not to wait, is the question everyone’s asking when they’re looking to resume treatment after an unsuccessful IVF cycle. 

Studies have shown that those who experience a failed IVF cycle are at a much greater risk of anxiety and depression in the months after.

It is not uncommon to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious or confused after a failed cycle, and sometimes it can be hard not to feel responsible for the outcome. We can’t stress enough that it’s never your fault, though.

If the idea of handling another cycle feels too overwhelming, a step back is absolutely alright and might be necessary. At the same time, if you are concerned about feeling like you’ve delayed the treatment process, it’s best to talk to your fertility specialist about what to do next.

Here are a few tips from the team at Laurel Fertility Care for when you are feeling this way:

  • Mind-body connection: Experts at Laurel Fertility Care have helped us recognize the significance of the mind-body connection in the journey to parenthood, and prioritize your mental well-being alongside fertility treatment.
  • Managing expectations: Understand that taking a break between IVF cycles does not signify failure, but rather a necessary step to recharge and address emotional needs.
  • Personalized approach: Remember that the decision to take a break or continue with treatment varies for each individual and should be made in consultation with your fertility specialist based on your unique circumstances.

Follow these links to read more about why taking a break can be a good idea or not such a good idea.

Everyone’s situation is incredibly unique when it comes to mental and physical health, finances, age, and other factors. At the end of the day, whether or not you take a break in between IVF cycles or jump back in for another round is up to you and your fertility specialist. There can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Mental health during fertility treatments

Taking mental health breaks and seeking support

Some fertility clinics offer emotional support resources for patients. Laurel Fertility Care, offers each patient access to Infertility Unfiltered’s virtual support series, completely free of charge. These support groups are made for many different stages and paths of your fertility journey.

If you feel like you’re in a state of emotional turmoil but don’t know what to do next, give a thought to these tips:

  • Consider taking a break: Discuss with your fertility specialist the option of taking a break between IVF cycles to prioritize your mental well-being.
  • Acknowledge emotional impact: Understand that failed IVF cycles can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, and it’s important that you acknowledge and address your emotions.
  • Seek support: Connect with others who have undergone similar experiences to alleviate stress and explore alternative paths to parenthood.
  • Utilize support resources: Take advantage of emotional support resources like the one provided by Laurel Fertility Care, to navigate the challenges of fertility treatment.
  • Communicate with your care team: Maintain open communication with your patient navigator and nurse to ensure you have the right support and guidance you need throughout your fertility journey.

Laurel Fertility Care’s team is committed to helping you throughout your journey. Having care teams like this by your side makes a huge difference. Ask questions about available resources and next steps and everything in between. 

You don’t have to go through the ups and downs of fertility treatment alone – at TRB, we try to provide support however we can, like helping you connect with Laurel Fertility Care. Your care team would also be able to suggest places to find mental health support during this challenging yet exciting time.

Contact the team at Laurel Fertility Care to take the next step in your fertility journey with a team ready to guide you through every stage.

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