Is Your Lubricant Affecting Your Sperm Motility?

Eloise Edington  |  20 Jul 2021

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Is your lubricant affecting your fertility? Did you know that most lubricants contain spermicides, which act to kill sperm to prevent natural conception? If you are trying to conceive, it might be a good idea to make sure you are using a fertility-friendly lubricant.

With this in mind, Fertility Help Hub has found the perfect solution for you.

FERTI·LILY has always been one of the most loved conception products on our FHH platform, the most often recognised being the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup, which supports natural conception by ensuring that more sperm reaches the uterus.  They have been winning awards for creating such an innovative product and, excitingly, they have recently added to their product range with their new Fertility Conception Gel to complement the Conception Cup. This is a specially formulated lubricant, which helps to increase the vitality and stamina of sperm to help with conception. You can read about the many successful pregnancies using the Conception Cup on Boots.com.

Read on to find out how The FERTI·LILY Conception Gel can increase your sperm motility, fast! They are also giving our readers a discount, which you can find at the end of this article.



Founded in 2018, FERTI·LILY empowers couples who are consciously trying to conceive, by providing them solutions that require no hormones, fertility specialists or invasive procedures, preserving the intimacy and excitement of this very special moment. It’s now available in more than 26 countries.

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What is FERTI·LILY Conception Gel?

The FERTI·LILY Conception Gel has been developed to help couples who are trying to conceive by providing an innovative lubrication which is friendly to sperm survival. Containing the unique ingredient of fructose, the gel increases your odds in the sperm’s race to the egg — as sperm needs fructose to swim.

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How Does it Work?

Fructose is a natural fruit sugar that is proven to give sperm the energy it needs to swim through the cervix and to the egg. Fructose is used to help facilitate chances of conception whilst not interrupting pleasure.

The conception gel has been clinically proven to increase the chances of conception by 48% within 3 cycles, used in combination with the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup.

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Does Lubricant Affect Your Fertility?

Vaginal dryness occurs twice as often in couples who are trying to conceive. Studies show that standard lubricants available on the market are detrimental to sperm function as they typically contain spermicides and therefore could negatively affect fertility. Created to relieve vaginal dryness and increase pleasure during intercourse, the FERTI·LILY Conception Gel has been clinically proven to be sperm-friendly.

It is isotonic, has a pH that is friendly to sperm survival and mimics the properties of fertile fluids. Therefore, unlike standard lubricants, it doesn’t create a barrier for sperm, meaning it can survive for longer than 24 hours while in contact with the gel.

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FERTI·LILY Conception Gel is a fast and immediate solution to improving sperm motility. While fertility treatments and supplements are an amazing alternative to increasing sperm motility, this is a fast solution that could potentially be improving your fertility overnight without visiting a doctor’s office.

If you would like to know more, check out their website and products here. For 15% off a FERTI·LILY bundle, use code HUBBUNDLE at checkout. For more discounts on FERTI·LILY products, check out the FHH Shop

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