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Male infertility is close to our hearts at Fertility Help Hub, from first-hand experience. We have turned to Exseed Health to find out more about why male fertility testing at home is important, ways to help improve sperm and the test accuracy / support available.

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Fertility is not only a female issue, yet a great deal of responsibility (and blame!) can be put on the woman. This eliminates the male partner from the fertility equation. In 40% of infertility cases worldwide, male infertility is the main reason for couples not being able to conceive. Scientific studies show that 1/3 of young men have a sperm quality so low that they are likely to experience problems with fertility.

With sperm quality decreasing as much as 50% in the last 40 years, it’s time to act and raise awareness of male fertility as well.  

The Importance of Sperm Quality for Male Fertility

A sperm analysis is the most important tool to evaluate the sperm quality. This is necessary to assess male fertility and the chances of pregnancy. The higher the sperm quality, the better your chances when trying to conceive. A sperm analysis can measure many different parameters, but the best ones to look at are:

  • Semen Volume: the total volume of ejaculated fluid

  • Sperm Concentration: the number of sperm cells (in millions) in each ml of semen

  • Sperm Motility: the percentage of sperm cells with a forward swimming movement

  • Total Motile Sperm Count (TMSC): the total number of moving sperm cells in the entire ejaculate. It is calculated by multiplying the volume (ml) by the concentration (million sperm/ml) by the motility (% moving).

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Measure Your Sperm Quality From Home

ExSeed Health are on a mission to empower men to make informed decisions about their health and fertility. They provide men with a powerful platform accurately to test and actively improve their sperm quality in an easy and convenient way from home.

Their Home Sperm Test turns your smartphone into a potent microscope that allows for advanced analysis and tracking of sperm quality. An algorithm in the ExSeed App uses data from the test results to provide the man with a personalized lifestyle program to improve the sperm quality and overall health as well.

Furthermore, ExSeed also offer a free Male Fertility Quiz, where men can “test” their sperm quality virtually! With this Fertility quiz, the man gets personal insights into his health and fertility, as well as what concrete actions he can take already today as part of a fertility journey.

Why is it Important to Include the Man in the Fertility Journey?

While the dialogue around male fertility has started to become more open, the social stigma still remains prominent.  In the fertility journey, the tendency is that the man gets tested quite late in the process. When it comes to male-factor infertility, there are other options than sitting and waiting while the woman is tracking her ovulation and menstruation cycle. That’s why it’s important that both partners are equally involved in the process.

There’s also a mental aspect to this; being on a fertility journey can be overwhelming to go through alone as a woman. Including the man early on will contribute to the process and help in increasing the chances of pregnancy.

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Where Do You Start? Here are ExSeed’s Three Tips:

1. Test yourselves together to understand your fertility levels –

The first step is to test yourselves and gain knowledge on your fertility. Whether you’re just curious about your fertility, actively trying to conceive, or are planning to have a family sometime in the future, it’s a good idea for both women and men to test and understand their fertility. Women can track their cycles and learn more about when they ovulate, while men can test and learn more about their sperm quality. ExSeed advise men to test more than once to get a baseline result, as sperm quality can naturally vary. 

Testing together can also be a way to make the baby-making project fun as well as an opportunity to talk about fertility with your partner.

2. Keep track of and improve your fertility –

When you have your results, you’ll know how to move forward and what concrete next steps you can take to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. For the men, ExSeed offer a lifestyle program in their app, which is based on the man’s test results. Together, you can look at lifestyle habits such as taking supplements, quitting smoking, exercising, or adopting a fertility-friendly diet. No matter what you start with it can be a fun challenge you can do to support one another! Perhaps there’s a form of exercise you both enjoy doing?

Since sperm quality can change in only three months due to lifestyle, regular testing is beneficial to see how lifestyle change impacts sperm quality. When you need support, you can book a consultation with one of ExSeed’s fertility experts.

3. For this holiday season, give the gift of empowerment! –

Information and education are key to feeling empowered. It can be awkward, and even a little embarrassing, for many guys to ejaculate “on demand” in a fertility clinic. A more convenient, private and pleasant way to perform a sperm sample is to test from home with ExSeed’s home sperm test. It can be done in your own bedroom, any time you feel like it.

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It’s Never Too Late

Don’t delay in testing together as part of your fertility journey, and it’s never too late. Get the gift of empowerment with the following discount codes:

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