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Why consider Portuguese egg donors, when looking into open ID donor conception

Emma Harpham in partnership with Procriar Fertility Clinic  |   18 Dec 2023

Portuguese egg donors – the hows, whys and whats

Embarking on the journey of open ID donor conception can be a profound (and hopeful!) step in building your family.

As you explore your options, consider the unique benefits of choosing Portuguese egg donors, or sperm donors, through Procriar, Portugal’s premier clinic.

We’re joined by Dr Leonor Neves, a Psychology Specialist at Procriar. She guides us through using open ID donors, and how they are chosen for each individual.

Watch as she uncovers how to choose a donor at Procriar, and what’s included in a donor profile – from personal details to medical history. Plus, discover the compassionate support awaiting you when utilizing an egg bank in Portugal

How do I choose a donor at Procriar?

Choosing Portuguese egg donors at Procriar is simple – and we mean, simple!

Dr Neves explains;

“At Procriar, each of our donors is carefully selected according to the European and Portuguese guidelines and regulations, and we will propose a donor that was carefully selected by our team to best fit your stated preferences. ”

What information is included in a donor profile?

A huge advantage of choosing Portugal is their Open-Identity donor framework, and the transparency of donor information.

“At Procriar, you will have full access to a donor profile, it includes detailed information ranging from physical characteristics to their educational level. As well as clinical information, emotional intelligence and personality profile.”

What support is available when using Portuguese egg donors and egg banks?

“You will have access to a dedicated team with extensive experience in coordinating treatments from afar and committed to supporting you every step of the way.”

From the exceptional skills and outstanding training Portuguese fertility doctors and nurses have, to their IVF legislation – Portugal is one of the most progressive and patient-friendly countries for treatment in Europe, right now.

Want to learn more? Read more on the whys and hows, here.

That’s the wrap on using open ID, Portuguese egg donors

If you’re considering donor conception, there are no waiting lists for open-ID egg and sperm donors in Portugal.

Choosing Procriar isn’t just about making a decision; it’s about gaining a friendly partner for your journey. Connect with their team for more answers to specific questions, education and world-leading treatment.

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