Qigong for women – 3 things to know, before getting started

Emma Harpham, in partnership with Thrive Journey  |   18 Jan 2024

An expert introduction to qigong for women

Qigong – the ancient Chinese practice said to hold the key to unlocking vitality and balance. Qigong for women in particular, may have huge benefits for our reproductive health, and menstrual wellbeing. But how does it work?

Together with Sarah Manning, a certified qigong yoga instructor with Thrive Journey, we’ve put together an overview of what qigong for women is, what the practice looks like, and how it may be able to boost your fertility.

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Watch now, for the quick 101.

What is qigong, really?

“Qigong is a breathing practice. It comes from traditional Chinese medicine, as a therapeutic, self-healing art.

The key to this is the ability to concentrate and the ability to change the way we breathe.”

We’re joined by Sarah Manning, certified yoga instructor with Thrive.

Watch as she explains that qi is our vital energy, and it takes many forms in our bodies.

We can measure it as ‘potential difference’ which makes things happen, and governs all of our internal processes – from a cellular level to whole body.

Qigong for women may focus on nurturing yin energy, promoting emotional balance, and addressing specific concerns such as menstrual irregularities or menopausal symptoms.

What does qigong practice look like?

Picture gentle, flowing movements and focused breathing – that’s the essence of qigong.

“We are very particular about the way we stand, and we’re very particular about how we breathe. But the most important thing as a beginner is to relax!”

The key component of qigong is slow, calming diaphragmatic breathing in this way – it stimulates your vagus nerve for a switch to the parasympathetic system – letting the body come to rest and restore.

How can qigong for women help support our fertility?

Qigong for women is an effective tool for ensuring that there is no stagnation or depletion, and that qi is flowing freely – without adequate qi the body cannot function, cannot heal and will resist fertility.

So, qigong aims to positively impact the body’s key control systems that impact fertility the most.

“As the heart rate switches to a calmer, steadier, restful state, the adrenal glands, and all of the control systems in the body – plus our hormones – reset.”

Want to learn more?

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The final word on qigong for women

Curious about trying qigong for women as part of your holistic support toolbox?

Embrace the gentle flow of movements and the power of focused breath as you navigate the path towards balance and vitality, whether you’re looking for stress relief, improved energy, or support for your fertility.

By acknowledging and adapting to the unique aspects of women’s health, qigong becomes a personalised journey, offering a holistic and empowering approach to physical, emotional, and energetic harmony.

Keen to get started? Sign up to the Thrive virtual health hub today. You’ll be able to book an online class with Sarah and take advantage of her expert guidance, and experience the benefits of qigong – plus, access all the physical, emotional and mental support through your journey to conception.

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