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Eloise Edington  |   12 Oct 2021

The grief of trying to conceive with no clear vision of how things might turn out is unimaginable. Alice Rose was initially unsure about how to deal with her grief and turmoil caused by infertility struggles, but she knew she wanted to make things better not just for herself but for everyone going through their fertility journey too.

Read on to find out what advice Alice has for our Fertility Help Hub readers on how to cope with fertility problems when TTC.

By Alice Rose

Alice’s Story

I found myself absolutely overwhelmed when we were trying to conceive.

I lost myself. I lost who I was.

I would lie awake all night imagining what it would be like to have a positive pregnancy test.

I would lose hours scrolling on strange internet forums with acronyms I didn’t understand.

I wanted to punch anyone who told me to relax!

I felt terribly sad, left behind and stuck.

What’s worse is that no one… got it. Nobody around me really understood how difficult it was to cope with having fertility problems while TTC and dealing with the grief of it all. I had a primal, deep longing to bring home a baby – and it wasn’t happening.

It was the uncertainty of it. The unknown. The lack of control.

It got to a point where I realised something had to change. My appointments kept getting cancelled; we couldn’t get pregnant and there I was, sleep deprived, unhappy every day and so frustrated because I couldn’t understand how I would ever feel better until I had a baby in my arms.

And I realised that I had to do something about my inner turmoil.

Photo Credit: @thisisalicerose Instagram

I developed a different sort of obsession – a really geeky obsession with why this fertility thing was taking over my life and every waking hour. How did people get through this? Why wasn’t anyone telling me how to deal with infertility grief?!

So, I used this new obsession to fuel me through a different kind of journey… and it was somewhere a couple of months into this that I found I began to change. It was a change people noticed; it was a change I felt in every wee bone in my body.

I found that I could allow everything to come up without judging myself. I discovered I could be all things – sad, angry, grieving, frustrated at the same time as living a really full, happy and exciting life.

Honestly, this felt like a total bombshell to me! No one had told me it was possible to find this kind of freedom right in the middle of a journey people had only told me would be just plain awful in every possible way.

It took some effort and some time, but I remember the feeling like it was yesterday…

Photo Credit: @thisisalicerose Instagram

Reclaim – a Course that Changed Things

After a while I realised it was sustainable too. It wasn’t a one-off couple of weeks of feeling good. It was a whole new way to live my life.

I started sharing the ways I did this on Instagram three and a half years ago – I didn’t want anyone else to feel like I had, when I knew there was another way.

Since then, I have become even more of a nerd with all of this and qualified as a Transformational Coach, supporting thousands through their own journeys and teaching hundreds of students on my courses.

That’s why I am SO excited that the doors to my 6 week mindset transformation online course are now open for the next week. RECLAIM is for anyone who feels like I did and is ready to learn a new way.

It’s for anyone who feels ready to let go of the all-consuming, every waking hour anxiety. It’s for anyone who wants to live a life which feels full, who wants to eliminate comparison and who doesn’t want to feel alone anymore.

People who I work with have one shared feeling: a longing for a baby.

They might have been going through all this for a number of years or perhaps be at the start of the whole thing. They might have been through loads of treatment – or none at all. They may have been through miscarriage or perhaps they’ve already had one child and are trying for another.

The impact on people’s lives is mind blowing to watch and I love running the course so much. It all comes from the heart and every single live call we have, every video I record, every audio meditation that’s included, is created with the sole purpose of guiding every Reclaimer into a place which feels gentle and powerful.

The results we’ve had are so amazing. People get their dream jobs or sometimes quit a job they’ve hated for ages. They might reconnect with friends they’ve not known how to talk to for a while. Pregnancy announcements don’t hold the same hold over them as before; baby showers and whether or not to go aren’t an issue…they either go or they don’t, but they make the decision without guilt and with confidence.

It is life-changing stuff and the thing is, it really has nothing to do with me at all! I just hold the space and guide everyone through their own personal and completely unique Reclaim story.

And the last thing I do, ever, ever, ever… is tell someone to bloody ‘relax’.

What do Reclaimers say of the course?

“It has transformed the way I think and in turn I truly believe it will change my life.”

“Such a positive, uplifting, empowering experience. I have learnt so much about myself and how I want to live my life.”

“Reclaim has changed my mindset…where I was at the start of the course and where I am now, at the end, is unbelievable. It is phenomenal that mindset can shift so much in just six weeks.”

To find out more and sign up for Alice’s RECLAIM course, click here before it sells out. Use code HELPHUB15 for 15% off. Doors close on 19th October.

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