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TTC – Introducing the Brilliant New BBC Fertility Podcast ‘Sex, Drugs & Lullabies’

Eloise Edington  |   29 Mar 2020


What happens when trying to conceive doesn’t come easily? Founders of the new BBC podcast series, ‘Sex, Drugs & Lullabies’ share this amazing resource. They talk about the new series, which features Two Dads.U.K and Hannah & Lewis Vaughan-Jones, who went through fifteen rounds of IVF (ten of which were fresh cycles) and spent £80,000 to conceive their son.

Over to the Founders…

I (Eloise), set up Fertility Help Hub because I feel passionate about sharing fertility experiences and resources, to help support those trying to conceive and in need of some fertility help and guidance. Power is in numbers and hearing other people’s experiences can help you realise you can have the support of companions along this uncertain journey. I recently had a natter with the founders of the new BBC podcast series, ‘Sex, Drugs & Lullabies’ and wanted to share this amazing resource – listen below to what we discuss.

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What Happens When Baby Making Doesn’t Come Easily?

Trying to conceive and struggling can really take its toll on the person, relationships and just life in general. It’s not something we always talk about and especially not over a brew in the office, but why not? Two BBC journalists have got together to try and get us talking more about fertility. They both underwent IVF around a similar time and never knew. They’ve decided to share their personal stories, one of success, one of failure, and the personal experiences of others in a new BBC fertility podcast called Sex, Drugs & Lullabies.

In this first series – Natalie and Amanda find out what it’s like for men during the IVF process, they talk to a couple who spent £80,000 on treatment, they talk to Two Dads.U.K about their quest for a family of their own, the impact miscarriage and baby loss can have on your mental health as well as egg freezing and using an egg donor.

Another episode in the series – features Hannah and Lewis Vaughan-Jones, who went through fifteen rounds of IVF (ten of which were fresh cycles) and spent £80,000 to conceive their son. It was the last frozen embryo that worked for them, you could say the last throw of the dice. They speak openly and candidly to Natalie and Amanda about their struggle to become parents and why they kept trying and trying. Lewis says the fact there was no fundamental reason why it couldn’t work was the reason why they kept going. Hannah recalls the moment she found out her friends were all pregnant at the same time. “I felt like I was grieving my own loss…and my knees just buckled. I just collapsed on the floor and I was sobbing.

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You can download and subscribe to Sex, Drugs & Lullabies wherever you get your podcasts from. Email Natalie and Amanda if you’d like to share your story – or via twitter.

Listen to the Podcasts on BBC Sounds here

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