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3 Things You Need To Know About Sperm

Eloise Edington  |   28 Jul 2021

Trying to conceive naturally but need some fertility advice? Fertility Help Hub have just the thing for you. twoplus have created a conception guide device that is used during intercourse, to assist in transporting sperm successfully to the vagina for better chances of fertilisation. Read on to find out how the twoplus conception guide actually works, and what other holistic treatments you can try with the conception guide, to improve your chances of conceiving naturally.

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1. How Low Sperm Count Affects Fertility

A hundred million sperm are in the average ejaculate and two million need to enter the cervix in order for hundreds to reach the egg for fertilisation. Low sperm count can greatly impact your chances of fertilisation, as there are a lot fewer sperm present in the semen, so far fewer sperm manage to reach the egg, and even fewer are able to fertilise it.

But only one sperm is needed for fertilisation, right? Wrong. Hundreds of sperm are required to prepare the way for the final ‘survivor.’ Hundreds of sacrificial sperm are needed to break away at the two protective layers surrounding the egg so that a path is made for the final sperm. In order to have enough sperm to fertilise the egg, a few million need to reach the uterus.

2. How Quickly can Sperm Reach the Egg?

Believe it or not, it takes a while for the egg to be fertilised, and sperm can only live in the female reproductive tract for so long. The current fastest recorded time for sperm to fertilise an egg is thirty minutes. Normally, the maximum time that sperm have to fertilise the egg is two days, however, in rare circumstances, eggs can still be fertilised after seventy-two hours. The fertilisation process takes a lot longer than most people think, which is why it is so important to keep the sperm inside the vagina for as long as possible. Without the use of fertility aids (like twoplus), a lot of sperm can be lost post-sex.

3. How to Improve Sperm Transportation

Unfortunately, less than 1% of sperm reaches the egg during natural conception, which is why the twoplus new conception guide device can be useful during conception, for those who are struggling to conceive naturally. How? twoplus can keep sperm inside the vagina for longer and it can protect sperm from acidic fluids in the vagina, therefore success rates for sperm protection and conception are higher.

The aim is to preserve as much sperm as possible to increase the chance of fertilisation. A few hundred sperm are needed to break down the two protective layers that surround the egg. This creates a great loss of energy for those hundred sperm, so the more sperm there are during this fertilisation stage, the higher the chance that there will still be sperm left over that have enough energy to penetrate the egg, ultimately increasing your chances of conception.

These remaining sperm simply slip through the gaps already created by the other sperm. Twoplus can keep the sperm inside the vagina so that none is wasted.

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Fertility Advice: Things To Try To Maximise Chances of Conception

When trying to improve your sperm count and quality, it is best to combine treatments for optimal results. Here are a few things you could try in conjunction with one another when trying to conceive naturally:

Maintain a healthy diet 

Your diet can have a huge impact on your sperm. Healthy foods can provide you with the right vitamins and nutrients your reproductive system needs to produce healthy sperm, while a poor diet can negatively affect sperm motility, count and morphology. A healthy diet that is often recommended for men who want to improve their fertility, is the Mediterranean diet. This diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruits and healthy fats like fish, avocado and olive oil, while excluding a lot of meats and dairy.

Fertility Supplements

You can increase your sperm count through the use of the right fertility supplements. This will increase your chances of conception, as the more sperm you have, the more likely it will be that you will have enough sperm to complete each stage of fertilisation. The adequate amount of nutrients and fertility vitamins that are necessary for the healthy production of sperm may not be found in diet alone. This is why many people who are TTC use fertility supplements alongside a healthy diet.

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Exercise for fertility

Living a primarily sedentary lifestyle can lead to having slow sperm with little energy and poor morphology, which can affect the DNA within the head of the sperm. Staying active is a fast and simple way that you can revitalise your sperm to improve motility and sperm count. It is recommended that those who are trying to improve their fertility don’t participate in exercises that are too strenuous. Instead, try less intensive workouts, like hiking and yoga on a daily basis. Regular but moderate exercise can be more beneficial that pushing yourself a couple of days a week. Doing moderate exercises will also help to keep the testicles cool to help sperm survive.

Avoid too much heat on the testicles! Limiting hot laptops near the testicles and avoiding hot tubs and hot baths is a good thing for sperm when you’re TTC.

Hopefully this article has offered you some helpful fertility advice on how to improve your sperm motility, fast.

While you may see results in using the twoplus conception guide on its own when trying to conceive naturally, it could also benefit you to make small tweaks to your lifestyle and diet for optimal chances of conception too.

To learn more about the twoplus conception guide, visit their website and use the code ‘FHH30’ at checkout for a generous 30% off.

For more tips on how to conceive naturally, download the Fertility Help Hub app.

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