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The first appointment – what happens, and how to prep

Jessie Day  |   22 Mar 2023

Taking the first step 

Starting fertility treatment is a big step, whether you’re in a couple or preparing for solo parenthood. And naturally, almost everyone is nervous before their first appointment with a fertility doctor.

The very best clinics will know these apprehensions – and nerves – inside out, and do everything they can to help you feel:

  • safe,
  • seen, and
  • well-informed

With these principles of care behind you, treatment can shift from being overwhelming to booked in and, we hope, exciting. After all, this is your treatment starting point, and a new (or opening) chapter in your TTC journey.

For Denmark-based Trianglen Fertility Clinic, this all starts with 100 per cent individualised care. Founded in 1993, they are one of Denmark’s most established fertility and IVF treatment clinics, welcoming over 500 new babies for patients across Scandinavia and internationally each year.

With this level of experience comes an intrinsic principle of security across all treatments. To maintain it, you need a dedicated patient coordinator – internationally-focused where necessary. At Trianglen, this is Lene, who will be by your side every step of the way.

A patient coordinator will be your first point of contact, equipped with everything you need to know ahead of your first appointment. And from there, across your treatment, working in close collaboration with your doctor and team.

Fertility or IVF treatment abroad

When looking at treatment abroad, our first concerns are generally practical. How do I get to the clinic? Where should I stay? What about my meds?

Part of your first steps with the clinic will be answering these questions. Leading international clinics make this super-easy, to the point where, in many cases, logistics are simpler than sorting out the process back in the UK. Trianglen, for example, are:

  • less than an hour’s drive from the nearest airport
  • ready to assist with hotel discounts and recommendations
  • located 20 minutes from Copenhagen’s city centre (a plus for all of us on the team here – we’re huge fans)

Going abroad for IVF treatment may seem daunting. But in actual fact, for many of us it’s been by far the best option, as once travel is booked, we’re able to get on a plane, arrive, and focus on our treatment, rather than racing around London or other parts of the UK to get to appointments.

Plus, you get to distract yourself in a new location. There’s nothing like a bit of beautiful, inspiring Copenhagen to break up the monitoring jitters.

Mental health, and a calm journey 

Fertility and IVF treatment can be stressful. So what can we do about it? As a patient with Trianglen you can book a free consultation with the Fertility Coach Jessie Egedal, experienced in supporting your mental health and wellbeing during fertility treatment.

If going international, you’ll also usually look for a clinic which collaborates with ‘satellite’ partner clinics and services back in the UK. With Trianglen, all your necessary ultrasound scans ahead of insemination, egg retrieval or egg transfer can be booked at, for example, Cherish or MUMS – experienced ultrasound units, back in the UK.

Choosing a clinic 

It’s a big decision, and how do you know you’ve got it right?

Trusted referrals and reviews are super-important – check out Trianglen’s Trustpilot scoring for an idea of what to look for – as are success rates. But alongside the stars and numbers, it’s that all-important instinctive connection with your clinic, which makes your journey. If it feels right, and you feel safe, seen and treated with the gold standard in expertise, you’re probably in good hands.

Trianglen say,

‘We’ve grown to be one of the biggest clinics in Northern Europe. But every patient in our care will feel seen by our lovely staff, at every appointment you have with us. Your journey is the reason why we go to work every day, and we look forward to welcoming you.’

Ready to get started? Connect with Trianglen, email to book an appointment, or call International Patient Coordinator Lene directly on +45 5060 3444.

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