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Testing after IVF transfer? What a medical director wants you to know

Kristina Lopez  |   20 May 2023

Words by Kristina Lopez, US Editor 

Testing after IVF transfer? We feel you.

For anyone undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and who has completed the embryo transfer, pregnancy testing is the all-important step to determine whether the treatment was successful. This is a crucial moment in the process and, inevitably, a nerve-wracking time for individuals or couples looking to start a family.  

Sher Fertility Solutions is here to guide you through every step of the process as a leading authority in the field of assisted reproductive technology. One important part of the IVF journey that often gets overlooked is the importance of pregnancy testing after embryo transfer. The Ribbon Box founder Eloise Eddington sat down with Sher Fertility Solutions to discuss her personal experience with pregnancy testing after IVF transfer and answer questions about the support that SFS provides for the fertility community.

Testing explained Sher Fertility Solutions

Testing after IVF transfer, explained  

One of the most common questions that those going through fertility treatments have is when (or how soon) they should test for pregnancy after the transfer. We understand that waiting for the official pregnancy test can feel like an eternity and it may seem easier to take matters into your own hands by testing at home. This is where having a resource like Sher Fertility Solutions can help you understand what could work best for your individual fertility needs along with the support from your fertility doctor.  

How soon can you test for pregnancy after the transfer? 

Well, taking a pregnancy test too early can lead to inaccurate results. If your test is negative, you should retest after about two days after that. There’s also a difference between at-home tests and blood tests. Home pregnancy tests measure hCG levels in urine while blood tests have more accuracy and reliability in their sensitivity to the most minute numbers since fertility doctors can measure and monitor your levels with more detail. 

Me & HCG – our founder’s story 

Sher Fertility Solutions is headquartered in New York City and combines innovative cutting-edge technology prior to pregnancy and attentive patient aftercare to create personalized fertility solutions to help you build your family. With licensed fertility physicians there to help you through one-on-one consultations as well as affordable IVF and fertility treatment services, it’s no surprise we wanted to chat with Sher Fertility Solutions’ doctors and share what we learned with you.  

First, Eloise is sharing a very personal story about her most recent journey through IVF. Though she did not use treatment via Sher Fertility Solutions, it was important for her to share her story to help anyone going through the process now or preparing for an IVF transfer.  

After the IVF treatment, I started taking digital pregnancy tests as early as 6DP 5DT (which is short-hand for 6 days post of the 5-day transfer). The negatives stung and not knowing if it was accurate or if I’d just tested too early! I then repeatedly tested every day until 10DP 5DT (or 10 days post of the 5-day transfer), which were all negative until the 10th day when it was positive on a digital at-home test.

My emotions turned from being delighted to sheer sadness when my blood test for HCG that day confirmed that my levels meant that I was pregnant, but they were too low to be consistent with a developing pregnancy. I was told it was chemical and would end in an early miscarriage. I then had to have two more repeated HCG blood tests every 48 hours to check the number was going down so it wasn’t ectopic, but the number went up before it went down.

Eloise researched more about HCG numbers to see if there was any hope and nothing she read was positive. She couldn’t find much medical guidance on low HCG levels and was inspired to create an Instagram Reel sharing a part of her IVF transfer story so those who have gone through it (or are going through it now) can know they are not alone. 

If you’re looking for a people-first solution with state-of-the-art care when pregnancy testing after IVF transfer, Sher Fertility Solutions is a great choice. Their team of experts provides personalized care with one-on-one consultation along with resources to help answer some of the most asked questions about the IVF process to ensure you get accurate results and compassionate support.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about how Sher Fertility Solutions can help you achieve your dreams of starting a family. 

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