Open The Ribbon Box – your FAQs about our new name, look & feel

Eloise Edington  |   4 Apr 2023

Fertility Help Hub is expanding, inside and out. We have a new name, a new look and a growing team working behind the scenes on the content and community you know and love. 

We’re so excited to open The Ribbon Box, and show you what’s inside. Keep reading for all the essential info, and contact us with any specific questions.

So, why The Ribbon Box? >

When Fertility Help Hub took off in 2019, it was with a tiny but closely connected community. The past few years have seen us fly – now reaching 300,000+ people every day – but that connection remains just as strong. 

With this in mind, we asked what you’d like to see next. The answer was, that same connection, across other aspects of your journey and wellbeing.

Inspired – as always – by our amazing community, we got to work on a new name. A name to tie all of our articles, social stuff, live Q&As and community chats together. 

We asked you. And you loved – 

The Ribbon Box

You said it gave a sense of delight. Something to open. And something wonderful, waiting to be unwrapped. 

What’s changing? >

Our name, look and feel, and range of content. We’ll now also be sharing info on preparing for parenthood, early pregnancy, and lots more whole-body wellbeing support.

None of the fertility support, latest news and exclusive access to hand-picked discounts and offers – plus our amazing Fertility Squad community group – is going anywhere.

Do I need to do anything? >

No – aside from enjoying the new look and feel, and lovely new website!

Fertility Help Hub IG is becoming @fertility.theribbonbox and all our social media channels will continue to operate as normal. Our Fertility Squad community app will become integrated into The Ribbon Box website (no download required). You can access all the support you need for free in one central place.

When will things launch and change? >

The Ribbon Box is opening on 4 April 2023

From then, search for “The Ribbon Box” and all our content – old and new – will be inside.

Which experts will The Ribbon Box have on board? >

The Ribbon Box website, app and social media channels will be bursting with free, expert content from:

  • fertility specialists
  • general practitioners
  • nutritionists
  • teachers
  • therapists
  • … and many, many more

Is there an expert you’d like us to chat to? Get in touch! After all, The Ribbon Box is yours to shape.

I’m on a fertility journey – what about triggers? >

We know from experience, a fertility journey is a forever-part of you. Just one of the ribbons that make us, us. 

So while we’ll be sharing chats, articles, podcasts, lives and giveaways for a few other stages – for example those early days of pregnancy, a breast self-check guide or tips for rebounding after illness, or stress – we’ve taken care to make sure you’ll only dive into the support you’re here for. 

From email to social – follow us on Insta and TikTok for on-the-pulse news – and our site, everything is categorized to ensure we get this right. The Ribbon Box will always be your safe space for fertility and family-building support. And ours.

Sounds exciting! What’s next? >

Come with us! 

We’re so excited to open The Ribbon Box, and show you what’s inside. Got a question? We’re here for it. Email or DM us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Ready to open something amazing? Us too. We can’t wait to see you over at The Ribbon Box

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