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IVF Cancelled – Will We Ever Have a Baby Now?

Eloise Edington  |   17 Apr 2020




As we hope you’ve seen, every week we’re sharing a real-life story of those affected by Covid-19 and fertility treatment. We did an Instagram Live this week with one of our partner fertility clinics, Embryo Clinic based in Greece. They shared good and positive news that their clinic is optimistic about being able to restart treatment in approximately 10-14 days time! We have everything crossed that the same will apply in some other parts of the world shortly. Even though travel is not possible right now, that doesn’t stop you from starting the process now, through virtual consultations.

This Week’s IVF Warrior Shares Her Story…

24th March 2020 – It was two and a half years after our diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ (yes, it had taken us that long to get to this point) and we had our final appointment with the nurse, before our first NHS funded round of IVF was due to begin 4 days later. Time is not on my side, I was keen to get moving.

A week earlier, at a different appointment, I had raised concerns about treatment being halted, as I said I would like to cancel sooner rather than later. I was reassured it would be okay and would definitely be going ahead as planned.

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The day before ‘said’ appointment, our fertility clinic sent us a message to confirm our appointment was still going ahead, much to our surprise. Then later that same day, our fertility clinic called back and left us a voicemail just four minutes before they closed, to say we needed to contact them urgently. I was at work at this point and our notes state that I can not be contacted on my mobile in the day time. Nobody had tried any of my other numbers or my husband’s mobile. Then, when I got home I read a message on their website to say that all their treatments had been cancelled, which hadn’t been mentioned to us in the answer phone message. We then spent a restless night feeling stressed and anxious about what the morning was going to bring. It was awful.

As soon as our fertility clinic opened the following morning I returned their call and they confirmed our fears, that our cycle had been cancelled. We got no other explanation, other than we need to get back In contact with them once the virus has passed. I was also told that we still needed to go and collect our fertility drugs, due for delivery that day. Of course these fertility drugs now sit in our fridge, as a constant reminder of what we should be doing and are missing out on.

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I expressed my sadness about no-one contacting my husband and was told that they were very busy and that they would speak to us later in the year. Who knows when that will be, as we’re only in April? I am aware that this time is very challenging for everyone around the world, but an apology for the lack of communication would have been greatly appreciated.




However, on the positive side, our fertility clinic’s patient support service has been in touch with us and arranged a “buddy” for us, so we can speak to someone going through the same situation as us, as it has left us feeling very lonely and completely on edge. We’re left with uncertainty over time. When the clinics do open up again, what order will they see patients in? The NHS will be overloaded with people in the same situation. However, after all of this being said, we stay forever hopeful that it will be us one day who are one of the lucky ones, when life returns to normal!

FHH is here to bring you weekly reader stories, so you realise you’re not alone in this frustration and disappointment. You can read other stories here.

If you’re struggling right now and need someone to talk to, we have a hugely supportive network of fertility coaches and counsellors on stand-by who are offering all kinds of help at this difficult time. Check them out here. If you’d like to participate and share your story, please message us. The more, we talk, the less we are alone.

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