Trying to Conceive During a Second Lockdown

Eloise Edington  |   5 Nov 2020


A second wave of coronavirus was inevitable and yet the announcement of a second lockdown for England commencing on 5th November was a shocking and unwelcome turn of events for many people, particularly those who are trying to conceive with fertility treatment.

Words by Holly McElroy

Whilst the weeks ahead still offer uncertainty for life in general, many of the trying to conceive community (TTC) will wonder what lies ahead for them now.  Wherever you are on your fertility journey, whether it be booking your first appointment at a fertility clinic, awaiting IVF treatment, or you’re newly pregnant and feeling anxious, the uncertainty of what a second lockdown may bring will likely be weighing heavily on your mind. You are not alone in these feelings.

With this in mind, we recently ran an Instagram poll asking how you are feeling impacted by the new lockdown in England and other restrictions globally if you are trying to conceive awaiting fertility treatment. This is what we found…

Hopeless, Fed up and Deflated

Trying to conceive or going through fertility treatment can be lonely and stressful at the best of times. Days can feel like months and these emotions and pain are only heightened during a global pandemic.

Many of our respondents reported feeling ‘hopeless’, ‘deflated’ and ‘exhausted’ at the prospect of another lockdown. The lack of control induced by the global pandemic has made any fertility journey more complex, uncertain and drawn out and this can be draining and disheartening.

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No Support, Helpless and Isolated

During the first lockdown of 2020, when fertility clinics closed their doors, many faced disrupted and delayed fertility treatment. There was uncertainty as to when treatments would resume, how waiting lists and funding (in the UK) would be affected or how patients would be prioritised once fertility clinics reopened.

And whilst the circumstances of this lockdown may be slightly different, these anxieties and concerns are still as valid and prevalent as before in those TTC.

Some respondents suggested feeling ‘helpless’ and having ‘no hope or support as no-one cares about fertility problems’. Facing these tough emotions in addition to being unable to see wider family and friends can be very isolating and lonely at a time when you are really needing that extra support.

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Stressed, Stuck and Missing Out

There is no escaping this and for many the stress felt when trying to conceive and awaiting fertility treatment will be increasingly high, as things become uncertain again and there is no end to Covid in sight.  When you’re considering fertility treatment, it’s normal to feel as though your life is on hold and it is hard to move forward or plan your future. That feeling for many people has only been exasperated by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

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Many respondents expressed this, stating they felt ‘stuck’ or that ‘life is at a standstill, whilst time and age move on’. Age and the passing of time can be a major concern for those trying to conceive under normal circumstances, let alone when treatments are put on hold for an indefinite amount of time as a result of lockdown.

Other comments expressed concern that ‘treatment and help may be cancelled and delayed again’ or that they are ‘missing out on opportunities we would get during normal times’.

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Hopeful and Determined

Whilst the majority of our responses were expressions of concern and anxiety about a second lockdown, a small number of people were ‘hopeful’ and ‘determined’ about trying to conceive. This is something we at Fertility Help Hub want to encourage. Whilst lockdown is going to be an exceptionally hard and uncomfortable time, it is so important to try and stay positive and not give up on your fertility journey. So far, fertility clinics are remaining open in the UK and anyone who is anxious or unsure about their clinic’s protocol, should get in touch with them.

What we can hold onto is that this lockdown will not be as derailing as the first when it comes to access to fertility treatment and support.

Authorities in England have announced that they hope to avoid the mandatory closure of clinics that was imposed in the previous lockdown in the spring. The country’s fertility regulation- The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) – has said there are currently no plans to implement a national closure of fertility clinics but has noted that they ‘expect all clinics to demonstrate how their service can be safely maintained’.

So, as we face these unprecedented times, reaching out and finding support will be more vital than ever and at Fertility Help Hub we will be striving to provide our readers and Squad community with all the information, guidance and resources available to continue your fertility journey during another lockdown.

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