These Conception Aids May Help You Get Pregnant Faster

Eloise Edington  |  11 Feb 2022

At Fertility Help Hub, we know the decision to start fertility treatment is a big one.  Assisted reproduction can be a huge financial and emotional investment so it’s no surprise many couples decide to try conception aids at home before beginning IVF.

But what is a conception aid and how can it help you get pregnant?

Here, fertility experts Benjamin Tee (Co-Founder of  twoplus) and Aparajita Hariharan (Operations Manager at twoplus) answer your questions about at-home insemination, conception aids like the twoplus Sperm Guide which may help get you pregnant faster.  (Visit the twoplus Partner Profile here and click here to visit the twoplus website.) 

The twoplus Sperm Guide is an easy-to-use and comfortable conception device and a baby boy has recently been born with help from the product!

Read on to have your questions answered about how to conceive naturally with the help of conception products.

FAQs about Conception Aids

Q: What is the twoplus Sperm Guide?

The twoplus Sperm Guide is a soft, flexible device made of medical-grade silicone.  It’s been specially designed to fit comfortably within the vaginal canal and can trap sperm cells during sexual intercourse.  Post-ejaculation, the sperm cells are concentrated near the cervix, giving the maximum chance of the sperm entering the uterus and finding an egg.

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Q: How can I maximise the chances of conception with the twoplus Sperm Guide?

As the twoplus Sperm Guide traps sperm cells near the cervix post-ejaculation, the Sperm Guide gives the sperm cells the maximum chance of the sperm entering the cervix and into the fallopian tubes to meet the egg.  Typically, a million sperm cells will be released during ejaculation and about 100 will reach the egg.  If less than 100 sperm cells meet the egg, fertilisation becomes very difficult.

The twoplus Sperm Guide reduces the flow-back of ejaculate (post intercourse) to encourage as many sperm cells as possible to travel to the egg.

Q: How do I insert the twoplus Sperm Guide?

The twoplus Sperm Guides comes packaged with clear instructions on how to insert it.  First, squish the Sperm Guide so the sides are folded in for easier entry into the vagina, once in place, the tail end is visible outside the vagina to aid removal.  As the penis pulls out, the Sperm Guide flap inside the vagina flips up a little, preventing semen from flowing out as the penis is removed.

Leave the twoplus Sperm Guide in place for about an hour to ensure all the sperm has the best chance to reach an egg.  Then, simply pull the Sperm Guide out from the tail.  It’s very soft silicone so the Sperm Guide will come out easily.

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Aparajita Hariharan demonstrates how to insert the twoplus Sperm Guide

Q: Does it hurt to use the twoplus Sperm Guide?

No, it shouldn’t.  Of course, all women’s bodies are different but the silicone used for the twoplus Sperm Guide is really soft and malleable and is medical-grade.  Moreover, feedback twoplus have had from couples is that the Sperm Guide doesn’t hurt or cause any discomfort.

Q: Can you feel the twoplus Sperm Guide during intercourse?

Yes, most couples have reported being able to feel it but it hasn’t caused any discomfort – although this varies for every couple.

Q: Can I push the twoplus Sperm Guide in too far?

No; twoplus spent two years optimising the design, making sure the Sperm Guide fits into the female anatomy snugly.  When the Guide is inserted, it cannot be pushed into the cervix and the tail of the Sperm Guide will always be sticking out for easy removal.  With hundreds of couples currently using the Sperm Guide, twoplus have not yet had anyone have the problem of the Sperm Guide being pushed too far inside the vagina.

Q: Can I reuse the twoplus Sperm Guide?  Do I wash it?

Yes, you can reuse the twoplus Sperm Guide up to four times.  (Even the packaging has been designed with this in mind.  After each use, you can cross out the numbers 1 to 4 on the side of the box so you don’t need to remember when you last used the Sperm Guide.)  Don’t use the Guide more than four times as the front flap of the product is thinner than the rest of the conception device and it tends to form ridges (impacting how effective the Sperm Guide is).

To clean the conception aid, it’s best to boil it in water to sanitise it – no need to use soap.

Watch Benjamin Tee and Aparajita Hariharan answer your questions about the twoplus Sperm Guide above.

FAQs about At-Home Insemination

Q: Can you use frozen sperm for at-home insemination?

Yes, if the process of freezing the sperm was done correctly.  Whether or not sperm is frozen correctly or incorrectly, approximately 50% of the sperm cells will die in the process.  On thawing, more sperm cells will die.  Don’t be tempted to pop a pot of your (or your partner’s) sperm in the kitchen freezer – sperm must be professionally frozen by a fertility specialist.

For effective use of conception aids like the twoplus Sperm Guide, it’s best to use fresh semen.

Q: How do you use the twoplus Applicator?

  1. Place your sperm sample in the cup
  2. Using the syringe, transfer the semen from the cup into the syringe by pulling up the plunger
  3. Insert the syringe into the vagina (rounded for your comfort) and eject the semen slowly and carefully from the syringe

(Instructions are included with the twoplus Applicator pack)

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Q: How far do you push the twoplus Applicator into the vagina?

The applicator has a barrier near the base so you won’t be able to push the applicator in any further.  Once you feel this against the outside of the vagina, plunge the syringe all the way down.

Q: Where are the twoplus products available?

Currently, the twoplus Sperm Guide is available in the UK and Singapore, with plans to be available in the States soon!  At the moment, the twoplus Applicator is only available in Singapore – the twoplus team are working hard to make it available in other countries.

Q: How much does the twoplus Sperm Guide cost?

One twoplus Sperm Guide costs £36.  It comes with complementary Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant (recommended for use with the twoplus Sperm Guide for added comfort).

A pack of three twoplus Sperm Guides costs £86.

FHH readers can get an exclusive 30% off the twoplus Sperm Guide using code FHH30 at checkout.

If you’re struggling to conceive and want a product to help you get pregnant faster before you consider fertility treatment, the twoplus Sperm Guide is worth trying!

If you’re based in the UK or Singapore, you can get 30% off the twoplus Sperm Guide with code FHH30 at checkout.

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