4 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Trying to Conceive

Eloise Edington  |   10 Feb 2022

Valentine’s Day is the perfect (commercialised) opportunity to show the people in your life how much you love them.

(This includes yourself – take it from a happily single woman.)

Whether you just want an excuse to treat yourself or show a significant other, a new boy- or girlfriend or a friend who’s TTC just how much you love them, at FHH, we’ve rounded up our ideas for this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Read on to discover exciting presents and exclusive discounts.

Written by Holly Pigache

For the loved one who’s trying to get pregnant

Give the gift of health this Valentine’s Day with Beli’s Prenatal Supplements.

Beli’s prenatal supplements for women have been specifically designed to support conception and pregnancy in a number of ways.  Beli fertility supplements improve egg quality, boost the chances of conception, trigger ovulation and decrease the chances of miscarriage.

Beli’s prenatal supplements for men (yes, men do need to take a prenatal) contain nutrients scientifically catered to men’s fertility.  They improve sperm count, motility and morphology and increase the rate of fertilisation.

They’ll love it because:

Giving fertility supplements shows your loved ones you support them on their journey.  (Added bonus: fertility supplements can be expensive but it’s important to take top-quality, science-backed supplements when TTC.  The gift of Beli for Men or Beli for Women is the gift that gives for the whole month – one bottle is a month’s supply).

Exclusive FHH discount:

15% off Beli fertility supplements with code FHH15 – click here to redeem.

For the loved one who loves good food as much as you love them

Give the gift of delicious, healthy food this Valentine’s Day with a Mindful Chef recipe box.

If you (or your loved one) adores eating well, a Mindful Chef recipe box is the perfect gift.  Recipes are updated regularly and each week there are 20 to choose from, including gluten-free, dairy-free, veggie and vegan options.  Each box is packed with up to 5 easy-to-follow recipes designed by MC nutritionists so you know your loved one will feel good eating fresh, local ingredients, cooked with love.

They’ll love it because:

A healthy, balanced diet, bursting with natural nutrients and goodness is an important step in boosting fertility for IVF success and getting pregnant faster.

Exclusive FHH discount:

10% off Mindful Chef recipe box with code FHH10 – click here to redeem.

For the loved one who’s struggling in this (almost!) post-Covid world…

Give the gift of calm this Valentine’s Day with a self-paced mindfulness for fertility course.

Across 9 lessons, your anxious recipient will learn a breathing technique or meditation, work with a journal prompt to spark introspection, discover an exercise to incorporate into their TTC journey, and progress check-ins with Josephine and the course community.  At the end of the course, there’s also the option to attend a live Zoom Q&A and meditation with Josephine and other students.

They’ll love it because:

Being in a positive mindset, having the tools to manage stress and developing resilience has been shown to improve chances of success when TTC and having fertility treatment.

Exclusive FHH discount:

15% off mindfulness course with code HELPHUB15 – click here to redeem.

For the loved one who could do with a visual pick-me-up

Give the gift of colour this Valentine’s Day with Jessica Russell Flint’s gorgeous designer clothing, homeware and accessories.

British designer Jessica Russell Flint creates vibrant, entirely unique hand-illustrated prints, with luxury products ranging across accessories, clothing, sleepwear and homeware.  Jessica says she’s inspired by life’s eccentricities, mixing British Heritage inspired themes with contemporary colours and boldness.  Through her prints, Jessica transforms the ordinary into designs as your loved one has never seen before.

They’ll love it because:

Bright colours have been shown to boost mood and whilst the struggle with fertility never leaves us and a beautifully-printed cushion won’t make your loved one’s miscarriage, negative pregnancy test or failed IVF any better, it won’t make it any worse.  (Unless they really dislike bright colours, in which case, pick one of Jessica’s more subdued prints, like a pastel green cushion cover.)

Exclusive FHH discount:

25% off Jessica Russell Flint’s clothing and homeware with code FHUB – click here to redeem.

From all of us at Fertility Help Hub, we’re sending love this Valentine’s Day xx

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