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What happens at your first fertility appointment? 3 prep tips, from an IVF doctor

Emma Harpham, in partnership with IVF Life Spain  |   6 Feb 2024

Curious about what happens at your first fertility appointment? Wondering how to navigate the maze of tests and consultations?

Whether you’re switching clinics or stepping into fertility treatment for the first time, understanding what to expect can help us feel a little bit more in control – when little else does.

Your first fertility consultation, with IVF Life Spain

First fertility consultation or not, the best kind of support always comes from world-leading experts. And for that, we’ve turned to IVF Life Spain.

Watch as Dr Manuel Izquierdo, Fertility Specialist and Medical Quality Director shares three tips to help you feel more prepared and confident as you embark on this path to parenthood.

How to prepare for your first fertility consultation

Dr Manuel Izquierdo answers your top requested questions about what happens at your first fertility consultation, including how to prepare.

He explains;

“Before the consultation, we should have:

  • your general health and gynecological data
  • including any blood test results, gynecological ultrasound etc.
  • any previous treatment you’ve undergone
  • the date of the last period and the anticipated date of your next one”

It can be a good idea to prep a little notebook with all of this info, so that you don’t need to worry about missing anything out.

Switched clinics? Here’s what you should you expect from your first consult

Whether you’re looking for an IVF second opinion, or the logistics just aren’t working out, there are so many really valid reasons to switch fertility clinic.

And at IVF Life Spain, you won’t need to worry about being rushed through the process.

They’ve got a whole load of specific protocols in place to best understand and support you and your case, if you’ve already had treatment elsewhere.

Dr Izquierdo explains;

“When a patient who has undergone previous treatment comes to our clinic, we have protocols and specific tests to review their case, including implantation failure or repeated miscarriage.

We have tests for endometriosis activity, immunological factors, bacteriological assessment, platelet rich plasma, etc. This allows us to take a more comprehensive approach to these cases.”

What tests happen during the first consult?

Dr Izquierdo walks us through the tests that happen during your first fertility consultation.

“It’s common to perform a gynecological examination with a transvaginal ultrasound. Blood samples are also collected for a general health analysis, including anti-mullerian hormone blood level.

We may also offer a similar analysis for the male partner.”

Now you know what happens at your first fertility appointment – ready to book in?

As you prep for your first fertility appointment, armed with insights and tips, remember that this journey is unique to you.

Embrace the support of your healthcare team, and stay proactive by following up on recommended tests and treatments.

For an initial chat (or to get a second opinion) get in touch with the team at IVF Life Spain.

Attention is paid to every detail of your journey, from personalised first consultations, tailored genetic and immunology testing, precise diagnostics and customized fertility treatments.

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