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Receive a Free Round of IVF and Holistic Treatments for IVF Success

Eloise Edington  |   13 Jan 2022

Last January, in the fight against Covid, FHH teamed up with seven fertility clinics and a global sperm bank for our Fertility Clinics vs. Covid Initiative.  We gave away seven FREE rounds of IVF or donor sperm credit to eight randomly-selected couples or solo parents to help restart their fertility journeys by receiving free fertility treatment. Excitingly, there are already two Fertility Help Hub babies on the way thanks to our global initiative last year.

If you weren’t successful last time, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We know how disappointing it can be when you enter and aren’t successful, which is why we’re giving away another FREE round of IVF right now with our partner clinic, Unica, in the Czech Republic. 

As part of our exciting New Year giveaway, Unica are giving away another FREE round of IVF, PLUS two complimentary holistic fertility treatments! This is pretty awesome.


Read on to discover more about our new giveaway and why holistic fertility treatments help IVF success.

Written by Holly Pigache.

What’s included in this new 2022 giveaway and how can it help me?

Everyone in our community knows how expensive fertility treatment can be and sometimes finances are the reasons for not continuing with IVF.

That’s why Unica (via FHH) are offering a couple the opportunity to claim a free cycle of IVF and up to two holistic treatments to prepare your mind and body for IVF treatment.

Their giveaway bundle is worth around €3,000 (€2,500 for an IVF cycle and c.€500 for holistic techniques) and runs from 11th January to 3rd February 2022.  Please note: the giveaway does not include medication and has now closed.

One successful couple will receive:

  • One FREE IVF cycle at Unica clinics in the Czech Republic – not including medication
  • Up to two holistic treatments (see Unica’s holistic offering here)

Holistic treatments are chosen by the (randomly-selected) couple receiving the IVF cycle and can be redeemed virtually or at the clinics.

To enter, click here – full T&Cs of the Campaign can be found at the bottom of this page.  Unica’s T&Cs are below, under “Giveaway: A FREE cycle of IVF” (please read these).


What do I need to know about Unica in the Czech Republic?

Unica is a leading fertility clinic in the Czech Republic with modern clinics located in the largest Czech cities of Prague and Brno – both easily reachable from any European city.

Established in 1991, Unica fertility clinics have been at the forefront of fertility treatment, standing for medical excellence and setting unrivalled quality standards.

Unica provide a diverse range of assisted reproduction treatments:

  • IVF using own gametes
  • IVF using donor gametes (egg donor and sperm donor)
  • fertility preservation (egg freezing)
  • genetic testing

Click here to discover more about Unica on their website.

Why would I travel abroad for IVF treatment?

Over half (54%) of our FHH Instagram community is interested in travelling abroad for IVF or fertility treatment – and it’s no surprise with expensive treatment and long waiting lists in home countries.

The Czech Republic was recently reported as a “world-class destination for fertility patients, boasting top IVF specialists, a high standard of healthcare, a a strategic location in the heart of Europe and affordable treatments” (; a compelling argument for why travel to the Czech Republic for fertility treatment.

Fertility clinics abroad may also offer a more holistic attitude to care.  Unlike many fertility clinics in the UK and the US, Unica in the Czech Republic treats patients in a holistic manner, ensuring wellbeing and medical care align.

So if you’re looking for personalised care with a holistic approach, Unica provides just that.

There’s only one successful entrant – is it worth entering?


Last year’s Fertility Clinics vs. Covid giveaway paired eight successful (randomly-selected) solo parents or couples with seven fertility clinics and one sperm bank for a free cycle of IVF (or free donor sperm, in one case). Every successful applicant who we rang nearly fell off their chair with disbelief, they (like you may feel), had never won anything before and never thought it would happen. It did.

A year later, two couples are pregnant from the free IVF cycles.

This genuinely could be you next year.  So if you weren’t successful last year, enter below to be in for a chance of gaining this opportunity to continue those family-building efforts.  Successful applicants from last year’s campaign never expected to win (do any of us?) and it’s so simple to enter details below – although please read the T&Cs.

Fertility problems don’t discriminate and fertility treatment shouldn’t be dependent on finances, so enter for a chance to have a free cycle of IVF.

Successful applicants of FHH’s 2021 Free IVF Campaign, Cleo and Sam, announce their pregnancy.  Watch the video here.

Giveaway: A FREE cycle of IVF

IVF is expensive and a single cycle can cost around €2,500 but Unica is offering one FREE cycle to FHH’s readers (not including medication).

  • At Unica, assisted reproduction is tailored to every couple’s needs according to their patient’s health conditions and personal requests
  • Unica has “excellent success rates”.  Their first IVF baby was born in 1993 and since then, 10,000 babies have been born with the help of Unica
  • To claim this incredible giveaway, the recipients must be able to travel to the Czech Republic to have a cycle of IVF

Unica Free IVF T&Cs

Unica’s Free IVF Terms and Conditions

Included Services:

  • Consultation with doctor / preparation of treatment (consultation at the clinic with all necessary gynaecology examinations or by Skype)
  • Detailed sperm analysis + preparation (spermiogram and lab preparation for fertilization (2x))
  • Stimulation, monitoring (ultrasounds)
  • STD tests (mandatory by Czech law, includes HIV, Hep B, C and Syphilis EXCLUSIVE includes for both partners)
  • Egg retrieval, egg preparation for fertilization
  • Anaesthesia during the egg collection
  • ICSI method
  • Laser Assisted Hatching
  • Prolonged embryo cultivation (up to 5 days)
  • Embryo transfer
  • Time-lapse
  • Sperm Freezing (2 years of storage)
  • Freezing of non-transferred embryos (2 years of storage)

Excluded Services: 

  • Medications
  • Any costs associated with utilizing an egg/sperm donor
    PGT-A, PGT-M
  • Carrier screen (not always done for regular IVF cycle)
  • Screening labs (commonly performed at OB office and covered through insurance)

Legislation in the Czech Republic 

Treatment is not legally allowed to be provided to those who are seeking treatment solo or in a same-sex relationship.
HIV positive – Yes
HCV/HBV positive – Yes
Gender selection – only in presence of genetic diseases
Surrogacy – this is not permitted under Czech Republic law
Maximum age for women – 48 years old + 364 days
Type of egg donation –

·       Anonymous – The donor’s personal details are not revealed to the couple. The couple will receive information about eye colour, hair colour, education, and hobbies/interests only.

·       Voluntary Donor – Compensation for donors is limited to the reimbursement for the donor’s time and expenses involved in the donation process.

Additional UNICA requirement 

Both partners need to be considered eligible for treatment during the first consultation with the doctor. This includes an analysis of the required medical tests results, which the doctor must accept for the treatment to start.

Unica’s criteria on donor selection 

  • 19-29 years old
  • positive genetic testing
  • psychologic assessment
  • does not smoke
  • not overweight
  • at least high-school-education


1 year starting from announcement of the couple selected.

Giveaway: Holistic Treatments:

Acupuncture for Fertility

Fertility Acupuncture for IVF – 2x 30 mins (worth €228)

  • Fertility acupuncture before embryo transfer (30 mins) and after embryo transfer (30 mins)
  • Acupuncture for fertility increases blood flow to the uterus and prevents uterine contractions
  • One benefit of acupuncture is it reduces stress
  • Can only be claimed at the clinics

Massage Therapies

Aromatherapy Massage for Fertility – 75 mins (worth €130)

  • Whole-body relaxation with essential oils penetrating all layers of the skin
  • Harmonises the body which opens and accepts the embryo
  • Fertility aromatherapy massage is suitable before embryo transfer
  • Can only be claimed at the clinics

Biodynamic Massage for Fertility – 60 mins (worth €120)

  • Fertility biodynamic massage supports natural body circulation, essential for successful treatment of infertility
  • Can only be claimed at the clinics

IVF Physiotherapy and Aromatherapy Massage for Fertility – 75 mins each (worth €340)

  • Examination and evaluation of the pelvic area, soft tissue relaxation, mobilisation of joints and spine, education of exercises to support pelvic relaxation
  • Whole-body relaxation with essential oils penetrating all layers of the skin
  • Harmonises the body which opens and accepts the embryo
  • IVF physiotherapy and massage is suitable before embryo transfer
  • Can only be claimed at the clinics

Psychological Therapies for IVF

Body Psychotherapy for Fertility Treatment – 90 mins (worth €140)

  • Fertility therapy works with your deepest subconscious, promoting processing and healing through the body
  • Can only be claimed at the clinics

Psychological Consultation – 60 mins (worth €140)

  • Fertility psychological consultation with a clinical psychologist focusing on problems and stress associated with infertility treatment
  • Can be claimed at the clinics in the Czech Republic or redeemed virtually via video consultation

Sexological Counselling for Fertility – 60 mins (worth €140)

  • Fertility sexological counselling with a sexologist is focused on the sexual life whilst TTC
  • Can be claimed in the clinics in the Czech Republic or redeemed virtually via video consultation

Physiotherapies for IVF

Physiotherapy for  IVF – 75 mins (worth €130)

  • Examination and evaluation of the condition, focusing on the pelvic area, soft tissue relaxation, mobilisation of joints and spine, education of exercises to support pelvic relaxation
  • Can only be claimed at the clinics

IVF Physiotherapy and Aromatherapy Massage for Fertility – 75 mins each (worth €340)

  • Examination and evaluation of the pelvic area, soft tissue relaxation, mobilisation of joints and spine, education of exercises to support pelvic relaxation
  • Whole-body relaxation with essential oils penetrating all layers of the skin
  • Harmonises the body which opens and accepts the embryo
  • IVF physiotherapy and massage is suitable before embryo transfer
  • Can only be claimed at the clinics

Yoga for IVF

Reproductive Yoga Therapy for Fertility – 75 mins (worth €130)

  • Individual movement lesson with a focus on yoga therapy for fertility treatment
  • Can be claimed in the clinics in the Czech Republic or redeemed virtually via video consultation

Who can enter?

Heterosexual couples.  (If you’re a single woman applying for this prize in the Czech Republic, please enter with your partner – see full T&Cs at the bottom of this page).


Enter our new giveaway below after reading the full T&Cs.

Campaign Terms & Conditions

  1. By entering the Fertility Help Hub LLP (FHH) Holistic Campaign Giveaway, you confirm that you accept and agree to these terms and conditions. FHH reserves the right to refuse to accept applications or select applicants as Recipients for the no-fee treatment by anyone in breach of these terms and conditions.
  1. Eligibility

    The Unica No Fee IVF is open to anyone eligible for fertility treatment in their country of residence, except for FHH and Clinic employees, their families, agents or anyone professionally connected with the promotion.

  1. How to Enter

    The Campaign will open at 0.001 hours (UK time) on 11th January 2022 and close at 23.59 hours (UK time) on 4th February 2022 (the Closing Date)

  2. To qualify for entry into the Campaign, applicants must enter their email address and name in the entry box and tick the agreement boxes. 1 entry per person/household only.
  3. Entries received after the Closing Date will not be valid.
  4. No entries from agents, third parties, organised groups or applications automatically generated by computer will be accepted. No incomplete or corrupted entries will be accepted. Entries will only be accepted if they comply with all entry instructions. FHH reserves the right to refuse an entry at any time during the promotion.
  5. FFH and its agents take no responsibility for incomplete entries or opt-in forms or any applications that are lost, delayed or otherwise not received for any reason, including technical interruption, fault or website failure. Such entries will be deemed invalid. Treatment Recipient selection and the Treatments being offered:
  6. Applicants will be sorted into the specific giveaway they enter for (one round of no-fee IVF treatment / supporting holistic treatment at Unica or one bundle out of 10 of holistic treatment with Reproclinic). A random number generator will select successful Recipients from all valid entries received by the Closing Date in that category below as applicable. Recipients can only benefit from one giveaway prize for Unica or Reproclinic.
  7. Subject to the applicable laws in the Applicant’s country of residence, and any restrictions set out in Clause 10 below, Recipients can be based anywhere in the world.
  8. The participating clinics are: a. Unica (Prague, Czech Republic) – please note that the clinic cannot legally treat same-sex or solo parents b.   Reproclinic, Barcelona, Spain.
  9. For the No Fee IVF Unica, the selected Recipient’s details will then be sent to the Clinic to check that they are suitable for treatment as applicable, that they meet the relevant country’s fertility law requirements where applicable, and that they meet the Clinic’s own criteria. If the selected Recipient is not suitable, then a new Recipient will be selected at random from the remaining eligible entries, and checked for suitability. This process will continue as necessary until a suitable Recipient for that Clinic is found.
  10. FHH will notify the successful Recipients by email provided in the entry box during week 7th February March 2022. FHH will make 3 attempts by email within a 7 day period to contact the successful Recipients, but should FHH not be able to contact a Recipient, the award of the no-cost treatment will lapse and FHH reserves the right to select a substitute Recipient in accordance with the Campaign’s process set out above.
  11. FHH will publicly announce the names (1st name and surname where the Recipient agrees), and counties, states or cities and countries of the successful Recipients during week commencing 7th February 2022 by publishing the details on the FHH website and on its social media channels.
  12. Recipients must keep the fact that they have been successful in their Application confidential until FHH has publicly announced this in accordance with Clause 13.
  13. Treatments can be taken at any time after the Recipient being notified but within the time-scale set out in the Clinic’s / Provider’s terms and conditions, subject to Clinic/ Provider availability and any Coronavirus or other restrictions in place.
  14. Unica and Reproclinic’s no-fee fertility / holistic treatment is subject to their own terms and conditions, which the relevant Clinic or Provider will require you to agree to. Details of these are available in the drop down above. Please ensure that you read the relevant Clinic and/or Provider’s terms and conditions carefully. The Clinic or Provider terms and conditions will also be provided directly to Recipients. Treatments will therefore be the subject of a separate agreement between Recipients and the Clinic/Provider concerned. FHH will have no involvement in that process, and will not be part of or responsible for that agreement. FHH is not an agent of or recommending or endorsing any of the Clinics/Providers in any way.
  15. So far as is permitted by law, FHH, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate a Recipient or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up a no-fee fertility treatment except where it is caused by the negligence of FHH, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  16. Recipients will receive the relevant treatment with no fee payable by themselves, up to the amount specified by each individual Clinic/Providers’ T&Cs. However, all travel, accommodation and any other incidental expenses will be the responsibility of the Recipients and no contribution will be made to these by FHH or the relevant Clinic/Provider, unless and to the extent that these are covered by the Clinic’s/Provider’s own terms and conditions. Recipients will also be responsible for ensuring that they meet any visa, permit or other requirements to enable them to take up the treatment.
  17. Treatments are non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
  18. Recipients will be required to share part of their fertility treatment journey with FHH and the Clinic/Provider (on both the FHH and Clinic/Provider platforms) over a 12-month period, starting from the date they are notified that they are selected. This is required whether or not the treatment is successful. This may involve providing a podcast(s), or articles and similar events, which may be done on a named or anonymised basis. The exact details of how and when this journey-sharing will be done will be a matter for agreement with FHH and you will be required to sign a Consent Form to confirm your agreement to this.
  19. Recipients may also be required to participate in other non-paid publicity or advertising relating to the Campaign, which may include the publication of their name and photograph in any media including FHH’s website and social media channels. Recipients can request that their name be anonymised if they so wish.
  1. Data Sharing

    Personal data supplied during the course of this Campaign will be processed as set out in FHH’s privacy policy available at By entering the Campaign, each Applicant consents to their personal data being used for the purposes of administering the Campaign which includes the publication of their name, county/state and country of residence if they are a Recipient.

  2. Participants’ personal data limited to their name and email address only will also be shared with the Clinics/Providers for marketing purposes where Applicants consent to this. Applicants will be asked to confirm that they are happy to receive such communications when completing the Entry Box. Applicants may withdraw their consent to such marketing communications at any time by unsubscribing to such communications. Applicants’ personal data will be deleted from the Clinics/Providers’ databases.
  1. Other Important Terms

    FHH reserves the right to hold void, cancel, suspend or amend the Campaign without notice where it becomes necessary to do so as a result of but not limited to: actions beyond our reasonable control; a legal or regulatory issue; a systems failure; the failure by any third party to perform services, or for reasons related to the current Coronavirus pandemic. If this happens, FHH will notify Applicants and potential Applicants by placing a notice on its website as soon as practically possible afterwards.

  2. The decision of FHH regarding any aspect of the Campaign is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. By agreeing to these terms and conditions Applicants consent to the processing and transfer of their personal data to FHH and Clinics/Providers for the purposes of the administration of this Campaign and for the limited purposes set out at Clause 19 above. All entry instructions form part of these terms and conditions.
  4. The Campaign and these terms and conditions are subject to English law. Any disputes or issues in connection with these must be referred to the English Courts.
  5. The Campaign organiser is Fertility Help Hub LLP, Wimbledon, London, SW18 5UL, UK. Email:

Unica's IVF Lead Physician

Dr Tomas Frgala is Unica’s IVF lead physician, specialising in the field of Reproductive Medicine.  With his colleagues at the University of Southern California, he researched new substances in tumorous disease treatment and more recently conducts research into new methods of Assisted Reproduction.  As part of the excellent team at Unica, Dr Frgala values the “cutting-edge technical equipment as well as access to the newest procedures in the field”.

For each patient, Dr Frgala practises the “highest quality of medicine”.

Satisfied patients and satisfied couples under my care are my greatest source of satisfaction.

Unica's Medical Coordinator

Klára Havelková is Unica’s English-speaking medical coordinator.  An expert in the assisted reproduction field, she takes care of patients mainly from the US and UK and any other English-speaking patients coming to the clinic.

I hope that with my positive energy I can motivate and support clients because their journey to fulfilling their dreams with a baby is not always easy.

Unica's Naturopath

Unica’s Naturopath, Patricia Montfort, offers individualised recommendations to help patients naturally promote fertility and improve vitality.  A variety of complementary solutions underpin Patricia’s approach:

  • phytotherapy
  • aromatherapy
  • nutrition and diet
  • micro nutrition
  • gemmotherapy
  • bach flowers and flower essences
  • lifestyle changes
  • environmental improvements
  • breathing and physical exercises
  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming) coaching and
  • emotion management.

Using these methods, Patricia specialises “in supporting the parental plan for couples experiencing infertility”.  She says, “this subject is particularly close to my heart, especially since I experienced it myself… [during] my first pregnancy”.  Practising an “integrated, holistic, therapeutic approach”, Patricia’s treatment is “based on the main hygienic principles practised for millennia, updated by recent research in functional and nutritional medicine”.

Watch FHH Founder, Eloise’s, Giveaway Announcement.

Unica’s amazing offering of holistic fertility treatments help IVF success in a multitude of ways (as detailed under the holistic treatments above).  When our body and mind are better prepared for fertility treatment, IVF is more successful, so don’t miss out on our new giveaway.

(Featured image by Jessica – on her Instagram.)

To enter this incredible giveaway, click here between 11th January to 3rd February 2022.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW CLOSED.

(Please see full Campaign T&Cs above.)

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