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Legendary for a reason – our 7 all-time favorite Zita West products

Jessie Day, in partnership with Zita West  |   2 Jun 2023

Team TRB are split between the UK and USA. For those of us based in the UK, Zita West is a byword for the gold standard in targeted fertility health. From dynamic micronutrient blends, including bestseller Zita West Vital DHA, to pioneering holistic treatment – think world-leading acupuncture, diet support and more – for many of us, Zita’s approach sets the bar for proactive, natural fertility self help.

We were so excited to get the news that Zita West vitamins, supplements and blends – the entire product line – is now available to order in the USA. Skip straight to the Zita West shop, with 10% off the range right now just for TRB readers, using code TRB10* at checkout. 

All sorted? Keep reading for team TRB’s all-time hero Zita West vitamins and products, and why they’re our go-to for targeted fertility nutrition support.

The 7 supplements we keep handy, while TTC

From DHA to inositol and so many key nutrient blends in-between, here are our top seven Zita West products, all available to order in the US

1. Vital DHA with Omega 3

Zita West Vital DHA really is a bit of a superstar product. It contains Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) and is designed to support DNA protection for men and women – by DNA protection we’re talking oxidative damage here, during preconception. It also contains a small amount of zinc, for a further healthy sperm production boost. 

Because DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) plays a really important role in a baby’s brain development, we like to build Vital DHA into our preconception supplement regimen, carrying it through as a nourishing pregnancy and breastfeeding support too, depending on where we’re at in our journey. 

Why we love it: 

  • we don’t always get the recommended two portions of oily fish a week while TTC, and this helps us top up 
  • an added zinc boost for optimized fertility 
  • ticks the box for male and female fertility support
Zita West femceive

2. Femceive, for vaginal microbiome support

We really can’t overstate the importance of the vaginal microbiome, for successful conception and healthy early pregnancy. So much is known these days, about gut health and optimized microbiome. But the vagina is very different to the gut – with less varied populations of bacteria – and is more dominated by the Lactobacillus genus (the queen bee being L. crispatus, so do watch out for and factor in this one). 

Zita West Femceive is the revolutionary bacteria supplement for women during preconception. You’ve heard of probiotics, right? Femceive takes microbiome support to a whole new, targeted level, with 1 billion friendly bacteria in every capsule, all working to achieve balanced microbiome across the entire fertility cycle, particularly during the crucial implantation phase. 

Catch our chat with Zita West herself, talking all-things vaginal microbiome, implantation and Femceive with TRB founder Eloise. 

Why we love it: 

  • specific support for the endometrium, and pre-implantation stage
  • 1 billion friendly bacteria in every capsule
  • 3 strains proven to support fertilityLactobacillus rhamnosus BPL205 CECT 9988, Lactobacillus plantarum BPL207 and Lactobacillus crispatus BPL209

3. Inositol and Folate, for PCOS, cycle & egg quality support

TRB Editor Jessie Day’s favorite from the Zita West line, this superstar powder formulation is a no-brainer for women looking to: 

  • conceive with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) 
  • support fertility alongside irregular menstrual cycles 
  • optimize egg quality 

The big deal ingredient in this blended formula is myo-inositol, an understated but vital micronutrient in the tapestry of female fertility. It’s rich in the follicular fluid surrounding our eggs, and in supplement form can help with egg maturation. 

Zita West Inositol is paired with folate, the naturally occurring form of Vitamin B9, for maximum absorbability. 

Why we love it: 

  • helps support egg health and maturation
  • can support with inositol deficiency (common for women with PCOS)
  • packs an extra punch of all-important folate (the more easily absorbed form of folic acid)

4. Vitafem, for a multivitamin baseline

Fertility multi of choice for TRB founder Eloise across her TTC journey, Zita West Vitafem is the everyday diet support for easy maintenance. Knowing you’re getting all of the right nutrients – and in the right quantities – is so important in the prenatal period, especially when there’s so much else to factor in. 

From egg quality and hormonal balance to finely-tuned immune function, Vitafem covers your core vial fertility bases. The Zita West team recommend it as a multivitamin support for women over age 35, whether trying to conceive naturally or through assisted fertility. 

Now aged over 35, Eloise pairs this superstar multi with Vitafem Boost for added antioxidant support, while TTC. 

Why we love it: 

  • essential multivitamin support, and nutritional baseline
  • includes folic acid in the superior form of folate
  • helps tackle nutritional imbalances and/or depletion

5 & 6. Vital Essence 1 & 2, for targeted pregnancy support

After a positive pregnancy test, Zita West Vital Essence 1 is a team favorite for first trimester vitamins and minerals in a simple 3-capsule daily regimen. Essence 1 is designed for weeks 0-12 of pregnancy, so very much part of our two week wait tool kit too. From there, we move on to Zita West Essence 2 and 3, for weeks 13-28 and then 28-40 of pregnancy. 

In a world where fertility can be all-consuming – which goes for almost anyone trying for a baby – having a mapped out nutritional baseline plan to hand can be very supportive. The beauty of this side of Zita West’s range is that every mama-to-be knows her – and her baby’s – shifting nutritional needs are met, at every stage in pregnancy. 

From the recommended 400 mcg of folate in Vital Essence 1 for early pregnancy to additional choline and vitamin C in Vital Essence 2, finishing up with Vital Essence 3 with its calcium and magnesium push as your baby prepares for life outside the womb, this mother and baby range is really special. 

Why we love it: 

  • targeted nutritional support across trimesters 1-3 (go for Revital Essence for fourth trimester supplementation)
  • maintains the recommended 400 mcg of folate, across pregnancy
  • the right micronutrients at the right point, in every trimester
Vital DHA for fertility-vitamen

7. Vitamen, for male fertility

Male fertility really is one half of the puzzle. But so often, it’s female fertility which gets the megawatt nutritional focus. Vitamen is the easy-to-remember daily capsule formulated to ensure men are getting a combination of 12 essential vitamins and minerals. 

From low sperm count itself to poor motility and formation, sperm health can often be improved by optimizing a dad-to-be’s overall nutritional status. Remember, sperm take around 10 weeks to develop sufficiently for conception, so getting a baseline preconception multivitamin into the daily routine, early doors, is key. 

Why we love it: 

  • one daily capsule, containing 12 essential micronutrients
  • features selenium, zinc and L-Arginine for optimized sperm health 
  • pairs easily with Vitamen Boost for antioxidant support, and Vitamen Boost 2 for specific sperm concerns

That’s it! Our all-time top seven Zita West products, for the gold standard in preconception nutrition. Very few supplement lines are truly synonymous with proven, natural fertility support, but Zita West is the exception. 

Snap 10% off the entire Zita West fertility supplement range, with code TRB10* at checkout. 

*TRB10 is valid once per customer only. Excludes subscription purchase. This offer cannot be used in

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