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What is femSense?

Based on the well known temperature method, trusted by generations of women, femSense Ovulation Detection can not only predict but measure and confirm ovulation. femSense is made up of two parts: a temperature sensor embedded in an adhesive skin patch, and the supporting app, available for free on Google Play and on the AppStore.

The sensor patch is worn for five to seven days at the most fertile time of the month. During this time the patch measures the body temperature continuously, day and night, and stores the recorded data until you are ready to read it with your smartphone. Continuous measurement means that femSense has hundreds of measurements to compare, rather than a single morning measurement and can therefore accurately identify the minuscule rise in body temperature which indicates ovulation.

The patch is read by your smartphone, once a day, using NFC radiation free technology – the same technology used for tap-and-go contactless payment (used on a daily basis by millions of people).

femSense is simple and easy to use – just 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the supporting app and enter the details of your menstrual cycle.

  2. Apply the sensor patch when the app notifies you that your fertile days are beginning.

  3. Read the patch once a day, the data transfer only takes seconds.

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