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A free IVF cycle at Eugin

Eugin’s first clinic was established in Barcelona in 1998, and is currently one of the biggest fertility clinics in Europe. They have pioneered cutting-edge treatments, helping over 34,000 women become mothers. 1 in 10 egg donor treatments in Europe are performed at a Eugin clinic and they personally take care of 15,000+ donors, from more than 70 countries.

The successful entrant will receive:

  • A free round of IVF, with partner sperm or donor eggs/sperm
  • Consultations with doctor and preparation of treatment
  • Selection of the donor (if using donor eggs/sperm)
  • Detailed sperm analysis and preparation (if using partner sperm)
  • Embryoscope and time-lapse
  • ICSI fertilisation technique
  • Stimulation, monitoring (ultrasounds)
  • Embryo transfer
  • Freezing non-transferred pre-embryos
  • Medical, technological and emotional support throughout the treatment
Eugin Giveaway IVF cycle and egg donation

Total value of included services: €8,930

The treatment start date should be before December 2023

*Excluded services:

  • Medications
  • Transport & hotel costs
  • Maintenance of the embryos obtained

The terms shown have been prepared by Eugin, not by The Ribbon Box. Any successful recipient of treatment or donation should ensure, before redemption, that they are clear about the extent of the free treatment that is being offered, and the additional costs that are excluded from the offer, which will be payable by the recipient.

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