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The IVF Mind-Body-Soul Enhancement Bundle with Fertility Coach, Caroline Tanner, contains all the resources you need to begin the process of healing from fertility overwhelm, enhancing your mind, body and soul and optimising your chances of a successful IVF cycle.
The £400 Prize Bundle Contains:
  • Managing Fertility Overwhelm Guided Video (value: £85)
  • A mini 1:1 coaching session to identify unhelpful thoughts & reframe them into empowering ones. This is a powerful healing tool for emotional mastery and in turn, will help balance your energetic and subtle body, ready for IVF and conception.
  • Breath-work for Fertility Guided Video (value: £85) Three simple but powerful breath-work exercises for you to use anytime, anywhere. Breath-work supports balancing of your nervous system, hormones and promotes blood flow, vital for growing those follicles and plumping out the endometrial lining.Fertility
  • Affirmations MP3 – value: £47 Repeat after me the motivating and confidence boosting affirmations contained within this MP3. Affirmations are powerful tools to release you from the negativity, worry and fear surrounding your journey to motherhood and get you in the best possible mindset for your next round of IVF.
  • Mountain Meditation MP3 – value: £47 The Mountain remains magnificent, strong and unmoved by the changing seasons and forces of life. Imagine having the resilience, strength and determination of the mountain on your fertility journey. Well you can. This meditation will be your guide.
  • IVF Daily Journal & Planner – value: £27 Journaling is a powerful tool to emotionally prepare you for the day ahead and reflect on the day so far. It can change your mindset in an instant. This daily journal and planner not only contains a journal section, but also space for you to write down your affirmations and a reminder of how you will honour your self-care ritual.
  • IVF 6 Day Meal Plan – value: £27 You know you should be eating fertility friendly foods, preferably 3 months prior to your next round of IVF but it’s overwhelming and frankly boring. The IVF 6 Day Meal Plan has a variety of fertility friendly meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or tea as we say ‘up North).

Plus Three Bonus Offerings

IVF Nutrition Guide by Roots & Shoots Fertility
All the need to know nutrition advice from qualified nutritionist, Emily Barker, covering what types of foods to eat, what to avoid and what your environment and sleep pattern should look like.

Future Self Journal by Dr Nicole LePera
My favourite self-healing advocate who loves to share her unrestricted wisdom with the world. The future self journal guides you in identifying old patterns that keep you stuck and supports you to form new ones that serve your highest interest. So if you are stuck in unhelpful ways of thinking and acting then this journal is for you. Just imagine who you could be.

Enter above before 11th November 2021.

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WIN 3 one-to-one fertility coaching sessions with a holistic specialist (worth $897)